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Traces APIs

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The Traces API allows you to browse traces collected in the system. You can execute queries to find traces matching provided search criteria as well as gather detailed information about individual traces and spans. For more information, see View and investigate traces.

Other Tracing APIs

See also: Span Analytics APIs and Service Map APIs.

Tracing APIs give you the ability to browse and execute queries for traces and span analytics, and request a service map of your application environment.

Refer to Getting Started for Sumo Logic API Authentication, Endpoints, and Security.

Our APIs are built with OpenAPI. You can generate client libraries in several languages and explore automated testing.

To access our API documentation, navigate to the appropriate link based on your Sumo deployment. Deployment types differ based on geographic location and account creation date. If unsure, see How to determine your endpoint.

Endpoints for API access

Sumo Logic has deployments that are assigned depending on the geographic location and the date an account is created. For API access, you must manually direct your API client to the correct Sumo Logic API URL.

See Sumo Logic Endpoints for the list of the URLs.

An HTTP 301 Moved error suggests that the wrong endpoint was specified.

Session Timeout

While the trace search query is running you need to request the query status based on the query ID. The API keeps the query alive by either polling for status or gathering results. If the query is not kept alive by API requests, it is canceled after fifteen minutes. When a query is canceled after fifteen minutes of inactivity, you will get a 404 status.


The APIs return operation failures with a description and error code, including the following generic errors that apply to all APIs:

301movedThe requested resource SHOULD be accessed through returned URI in Location Header.
401unauthorizedCredential could not be verified.
403forbiddenThis operation is not allowed for your account type.
404notfoundRequested resource could not be found.
405method.unsupportedUnsupported method for URL.
415contenttype.invalidInvalid content type.
429rate.limit.exceededThe API request rate is higher than 4 request per second.
500internal.errorInternal server error.
503service.unavailableService is currently unavailable.

Rate limit throttling

  • A rate limit of four API requests per second (240 requests per minute) applies to all API calls from a user.
  • A rate limit of 10 concurrent requests to any API endpoint applies to an access key.

If a rate is exceeded, a rate limit exceeded 429 status code is returned.

A limit of 10 active concurrent trace search requests applies to your organization. Bear in mind that a single API request can consist of multiple queries and each query is treated as a separate trace search.

Once you reach the limit of 10 concurrent active searches, attempting an additional search will result in a status code of 429 Too Many Requests telling you that you are over the allowed concurrent search requests limit.


Documentation for OpenAPI built APIs is hosted on each deployment. Sumo Logic has several deployments that are assigned depending on the geographic location and the date an account is created. See how to determine which endpoint to use if you are unsure.

Select the documentation link for your deployment:

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