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Cloud SIEM Administration

Learn about onboarding tasks and best practices for Cloud SIEM administrators. In this section, we'll introduce the following concepts:

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Filter and Search

Learn how to filter and search Cloud SIEM list pages.

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Network Blocks

Learn about Network Blocks, their purpose, and instructions for setting them up and using them.

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Create a Custom Tag Schema

Learn how to create a custom tag schema in Cloud SIEM.

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Create a Custom Threat Intelligence Source

Learn how to create and manage Custom Threat Sources.

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Create Cloud SIEM Actions

Learn how to issue a notification to another service when certain events occur in Cloud SIEM.

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Create Cloud SIEM Context Actions

Learn to query an external system for details about an Entity, IOC, or data encountered in a Record.

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Learn how to access Cloud SIEM APIs and API documentation.

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Data Retention

Learn about retention periods for different types of Cloud SIEM data.

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Audit Logging

Learn how to search the Audit Event Index for Cloud SIEM log events.

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Cloud SIEM User Accounts and Roles

Learn how to create and manage user accounts and roles for Cloud SIEM.

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Custom Inventory Source

Learn how to extract Inventory Data from logs in Sumo Logic and send it to Cloud SIEM.

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Save Inventory Data to a Lookup Table

Learn how to use a saved Sumo Logic search to populate a Lookup Table with Cloud SIEM inventory data.

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Manage Custom Insight Resolutions

Learn how to create and manage Custom Insight Resolutions.

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Managing Custom Insight Statuses

Learn how to create and manage Custom Insight Statuses.

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Sensor Zones

Learn how to use Sensor Zones to distinguish between Cloud SIEM Entities that have the same IP address.

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Inventory Sources and Data

Learn about Inventory Sources and the Inventory Data they collect.

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MITRE Coverage

Learn how well you are prepared to detect adversary attacks based on the tactics and techniques in the MITRE ATT&CK Enterprise Matrix.

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