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Cloud SIEM Schema

This guide has information about Cloud SIEM schemas. In this section, we'll introduce the following concepts:

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Record Processing Pipeline

Learn how Cloud SIEM transforms incoming raw messages into Records.

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Cloud SIEM Schema Attributes

Learn about Cloud SIEM schema attributes.

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Mappable Attributes

Learn what Cloud SIEM schema attributes you can map to Records.

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Record Types

Learn about the Record types to which you can map schema attributes.

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Parsing Language Reference

Parsing is the first step in the Cloud SIEM Record processing pipeline.

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Log Mapping

Learn how to create a log mapping for structured messages.

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Normalized Classification

Set up schema fields with an enforced, Cloud SIEM-defined output.

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Field Mappings

Set up field mappings for messages that you want to be processed by Cloud SIEM's normalized threat rules.

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Parser Editor

Learn how to use the Parser Editor to configure and test a custom parser.

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Username and Hostname Normalization

Learn how to import YARA rules from GitHub into Cloud SIEM.

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Parser Troubleshooting

Learn how to troubleshoot problems with parsers.

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