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Tour the New Sumo Logic UI

Closed Beta

This page provides an overview of the Sumo Logic New UI, currently in beta and slated for general availability in late 2024.


With the New UI, you can expect:

  • Unified experience across Operational and Security analytics products.
  • Accelerated performance, reduced load time, and enhanced caching.
  • Stateful URLs to preserve page states upon re-login.
  • Use-case-based navigation for streamlined feature discovery.

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As this is a Closed Beta, you'll need to obtain access by contacting your Sumo Logic sales representative.

Getting to the New UI

Once you're logged in to Sumo Logic, go to the left navigation (nav) panel and click Switch to New UI.



When you first log in, you'll land on the Sumo Logic Home page > Home tab, which provides an at-a-glance view of the following:

  • Recently Opened Dashboards
  • Recently Run Searches
  • Recommended Dashboards 
  • Pinned Searches

Using the left navigation panel

In the left nav panel, you can access all of our features, such as Log Search, Metrics, Infrastructure Monitoring, Application Monitoring, Cloud SIEM, and more. You'll also find your dashboards library here.

Access dashboards and searches

The left nav panel provides easy access to libraries, searches, folders, and your personal collection of dashboards. Click the icons at the top of the left-side nav panel to view:

  • Your Library, which contains:
    • Your Personal dashboards and searches.
    • Your own Installed Apps from the App Catalog.
    • Dashboards and searches shared within your organization.
  • Recent dashboards and searches.
  • Your Favorites list of favorited dashboards and searches.

Use the Library search bar to find the above quickly. View as mode should be set to Me.

If you're an admin, you can view the Library in Content Administrator mode.


Enlarge your working area by hiding the left-side nav panel. Just click the hamburger menu icon. To unhide it, click the hamburger menu icon again.

Using the top navigation bar

Access Apps, Admin settings

The global toolbar (top nav bar) provides you access to (from left to right): Help, App Catalog, (Data) Configuration, Administration, and your user profile options (Notifications and Preferences).


Manage your personal account preferences

You can manage your personal account settings from the Preferences page. These settings apply only to your account. Changes you make to your preferences take effect the next time you sign in, not during the current session.

To manage your personal Sumo account preferences:

  1. From the top nav bar, click the person icon, and then from the dropdown, select Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences page, you can modify the following settings:
    • My Profile. Username and password.
    • My Access Keys. Add, edit, and remove access keys.
    • My Preferences. Your account session settings.

For more information, see Account Preferences and Credentials.


With the Sumo Logic Administrator role, you can manage your organization's data collection settings, ingest budget, partitions, and more. To access these settings, go to the top nav bar and click the Configuration icon.


With the Sumo Logic Administrator role, you can manage user accounts, user roles, security, and more. To access these admin settings, go to the top nav bar and click the Administration icon.

Content Administrator Library

The Content Administrator library is available to Administrator roles only. To browse this content, go to Library > click the View as dropdown > click Content Administrator.

Customize your environment with tabs

If you'd prefer to multitask and keep multiple tab open simultaneously (for example: log search, dashboards, App Catalog, and Preferences), we recommend utilizing your own web browser's tab grouping functionality. By adding Sumo Logic tabs to a tab group, any new tabs opened within the Sumo Logic platform will automatically open in the same tab group.


This will also allow you to collapse the tab group to reclaim valuable real estate in your browser's tab bar.


This guide offers responses to frequently asked questions regarding the Sumo Logic UI redesign project, which involves transitioning from the current Classic UI to the upcoming New UI.

Q: What is being launched?

We are excited to introduce the Sumo Logic Unified Experience, internally known as Project Kanso, inspired by the Japanese principle of simplicity and clutter elimination. This initiative integrates the capabilities of our Log Analytics, Cloud SIEM, and Cloud SOAR into a unified navigation system. Alongside this integration, we have implemented several user interface enhancements to make all Sumo Logic features more accessible and user-friendly.

Q: What issues does the New UI resolve?

The disparate user interface and varying navigation patterns among Log Analytics, Cloud SIEM, and Cloud SOAR have made it challenging for users to effectively utilize these tools together for monitoring and troubleshooting.

The current information architecture and navigation system have not effectively showcased useful functionalities to users. It's structured around tools like Traces, Log Search, and Metric Search rather than focusing on user-centric use cases. This places a burden on users to discover these functionalities.

In-app tabs present performance and usability challenges since they all operate within a single browser tab. These tabs disrupt native browser navigation features like the back button and tab grouping. The New UI navigation lets you leverage native browser capabilities and customize tab organization according to your preferences.

Q: What changes have been implemented that enhance my Sumo experience?
  • Unified Navigation. You'll now notice a uniform navigation system across Log Analytics, Cloud SIEM, and Cloud SOAR products, ensuring a consistent experience for Sumo Logic users engaged in both observability and security use cases.
  • Improved Product Discoverability. The left nav panel now organizes product features in a solution-centric manner, emphasizing key use cases like infrastructure monitoring, application monitoring, log analysis, security monitoring, and analytics. This reorganization aims to facilitate easier access to Sumo Logic's product features.
  • Enhanced Browsing Experience and Accelerated Performance. In-app tabs will be replaced with native browser tabs, significantly improving First Contentful Paint (FCP) and Time to Interactive (TTI) metrics. With this change, you'll experience faster page load times and ability to organize tabs the way you are used to with other applications.
  • Stateful URLs. Most of the page URLs will now be stateful, allowing you to easily share content with your team members. Any changes made in the UI will be reflected in the URL parameters, making it simple for you to copy and share URLs. Additionally, this feature enables users to navigate back to previous states effortlessly by using the browser.
Q: What if I encounter issues due to unfamiliar UI experiences?

Understanding the challenges that come with change, we are confident that the New UI will offer you a notably enhanced, faster, and more seamlessly integrated experience. To facilitate a seamless transition, we have taken the following steps:

  • Dogfooding. We at Sumo Logic are the biggest customer of our own platform. Through extensive dogfooding, we've gained a deep understanding of workflows and addressed any issues that arose.
  • Beta Testing. We're conducting extensive beta testing with a large group of our customers. This allows us to gather feedback and address any pain points that may have been overlooked. If you'd like to participate, reach out to your Sumo Logic account executive.
  • Opt-in General Availability (GA). Additionally, we will have an opt-in period lasting at least three months. During this time, users can choose to opt-in to the new experience, enabling them to become familiar with it gradually before a complete switch occurs.
Q: With all Sumo Logic tabs being grouped together in one browser tab, how can I prevent an excessive amount of tabs in my browser?

We understand that the removal of in-app tabs in the New UI is a significant change in our user workflow, eliciting mixed feedback. While some users appreciate the convenience of consolidated tabs within the app, others question the need for this change. Addressing performance concerns, consolidating tabs aims to reduce browser clutter, albeit potentially complicating session management. For users who prefer centralized Sumo Logic tabs, we recommend utilizing tab grouping functionality for a seamless experience.

Classic UINew UI
In-house tabs solution. Always trying to keep up with browser tab improvements.Utilizes browser’s native tab capability like tab grouping and coloring.
User needs to learn new way of organizing tabs. Managing multiple Sumo instances is difficult.User utilizes what they already know. Managing multiple Sumo instances is easier.
Performance degrades over long usage because user is using one browser tab.Memory usage is distributed over different tabs.
Tab switches reload the tab.Tab switches won’t reload the tab. This will accelerate time to load, which is especially useful for data-rich features like Dashboards.
Q: Will the New UI retain the Classic UI feature of remembering previously opened tabs from my previous session?

After analyzing tab usage data, we've found that a minimal portion of previously opened tabs are actively utilized by our users. Consequently, the Sumo Logic UI often remains cluttered with multiple unused tabs. With the introduction of the New UI experience, if you fail to close browser tabs from previous sessions, they will automatically reload upon login.


Moreover, we've made the Recents feature more prominent in the navigation bar and plan to extend it to other content types which will make it easier for users to open recently opened tabs.

Q: If I opt in to the New UI, will I lose access to the Classic UI?

No, opting for the New UI won't lock you out of the old interface. You'll have the flexibility to switch between the two experiences directly within the UI.

Once the feature flag is enabled, all organization users will see a Switch to New UI option in the left navigation menu. Clicking on this button allows users to opt into the New UI. Once opted in, the system will remember the preference, redirecting old URLs to their corresponding new ones. Consequently, subsequent logins will automatically direct users to the New UI.

Q: How do I opt out of the New UI?

You have the flexibility to opt out whenever you choose. Just go to left navigation menu of the New UI and click the Return to Classic UI option. Once you've switched back to the Classic UI, all subsequent sessions will default to the Classic UI experience.


If you enter the New UI URL in your browser, it will still direct you to the New UI. We have implemented a translation from the Classic UI to the New UI, but not the other way around.

Q: Will there be any limitations on capabilities during the beta phase?

Our goal was to provide customers with access to the New UI as quickly as possible. As this is the beta version, we are currently addressing various bugs across different areas to enhance the overall experience.

Additionally, there are a few functionalities that are still in the process of being developed or migrated into the New UI. The key ones include:

  • Co-Branding. Co-branded logos will not be visible on the platform.
  • SAML and Allowlist Pages. These pages have not yet been migrated to the New UI.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts. We will be rolling out the keyboard shortcuts incrementally.
  • Rich Tooltip in Navigation. Similar to the Classic UI, future releases of the New UI will include rich tooltips when hovering over navigation content items, providing details such as owner and data access level.
  • URL Parameters. URL parameters have been added to most pages to maintain page state. Currently, queries in the URL are plain text. We are working on compressing and encoding them. If your query exceeds ~10000 characters, you may encounter a "URI Too Large" error. In such cases, we recommend switching back to the old UI.
  • Content Admin Mode. Recents and favorites will not load in content admin mode. We are actively enhancing the user experience for recents and favorites in this mode.
Q: When will Sumo Logic remove access to the Classic UI?

Our goal is to turn off access to the Classic UI at the end of 2024. However, this timeline is subject to our successful beta testing.

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