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Product List

This article lists all the vendors and products that Sumo Logic integrates with, including the types of integrations we offer.

Types of integrations:

  • Apps. Pre-built applications with dashboards that provide robust analytics about the product. To install apps, select App Catalog from the main menu. See Apps and Integrations for more information.
  • Automation integrations. Integrations for use in the Automation Service and Cloud SOAR. For more information, see Integrations in App Central.
  • Cloud SIEM integrations. Rules, mappers, parsers, and normalization schema in Cloud SIEM for integrating with external products. See Cloud SIEM Content Catalog for more information.
  • Collectors. Agents that collect data from the product. See Send Data for documentation about collectors.
  • Community apps. Apps provided by internal and external users and our creator community. See Sumo Logic Community Ecosystem Apps for more information.
  • Partner integrations. Apps and integrations that are provided by members of our partner network. See Partner Ecosystem Apps and Partner Integrations for Sumo Logic for more information.
  • Webhooks. Automated connections from the product to Sumo Logic. See Webhooks and Webhook Connections for available webhooks.


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconAcquiaApp: Acquia
Thumbnail iconActive DirectoryApps:
- Active Directory 2012+ (JSON)
- Active Directory JSON - OpenTelemetry
Automation integrations:
- Active Directory
- Active Directory v2
- Microsoft Azure AD Inventory Source
- Windows Active Directory Inventory Source
Thumbnail iconAbnormal SecurityAutomation integration: Abnormal Security
Cloud SIEM integration: Abnormal Security
Collector: Abnormal Security Source
Thumbnail iconAbuse.chAutomation integrations:
- SSLBL Feed
- Malware Bazaar
- URLhaus Abuse
Thumbnail iconAbuseIPDBAutomation integration: AbuseIPDB
Thumbnail iconAcronisAutomation integration: Acronis
Thumbnail iconActiveMQApps:
- ActiveMQ
- ActiveMQ - OpenTelemetry
Thumbnail iconAdaxesCloud SIEM integration: Adaxes
Thumbnail iconAirtableApp: Airtable
Automation integration: Airtable
Cloud SIEM integration: Airtable
Collector: Airtable Source
Thumbnail iconAkamaiApps:
- Akamai Cloud Monitor
- Akamai DataStream
- Akamai Security Events
Cloud SIEM integration: Akamai
Collector: Akamai SIEM API Source
Thumbnail iconAkenzaAutomation integration: Akenza
Thumbnail iconAlert LogicApp: Alert Logic
Thumbnail iconAlibaba CloudCloud SIEM integration: Alibaba
Thumbnail iconAlienVaultAutomation integrations:
- AlienVault OTX
- AlienVault USM Anywhere
- AlienVault USM Central
Thumbnail iconAlleantiaAutomation integration: Alleantia
Thumbnail iconalphaMountainAutomation integration: alphaMountain
Thumbnail iconAlphaSOCCloud SIEM integration: AlphaSOC
Thumbnail icon Amazon AppFlowApp: Amazon AppFlow
Thumbnail iconAmazon AppStream 2.0App: Amazon AppStream 2.0
Thumbnail iconAmazon AthenaApp: Amazon Athena
Automation integration: AWS Athena
Thumbnail iconAmazon ChimeApps:
- Amazon Chime
- Amazon Chime SDK
Thumbnail iconAmazon CloudFrontApp: Amazon CloudFront
Automation integration: AWS CloudFront
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - CloudFront
Collector: Amazon CloudFront Source
Thumbnail iconAmazon CloudSearchApp: Amazon CloudSearch
Community app: Sumo Logic for Amazon CloudSearch
Thumbnail iconAmazon CloudWatchAutomation integration: AWS CloudWatchLogs
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - CloudWatch
- Amazon CloudWatch Logs
- Amazon CloudWatch Source for Metrics
- Auto-Subscribe ARN (Amazon Resource Name) Destination
- Collect Amazon CloudWatch Logs using a CloudFormation Template
- Collect Amazon CloudWatch Logs using a CloudFormation Template with Secured Endpoint
- Collect Amazon CloudWatch Logs using a Lambda Function
Thumbnail iconAmazon CognitoApp: Amazon Cognito
Thumbnail iconAmazon ConnectApp: Amazon Connect
Thumbnail iconAmazon Data Lifecycle ManagerApp: Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager
Thumbnail iconAmazon DocumentDBApp: Amazon DocumentDB
Thumbnail iconAmazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)App: Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)
Thumbnail iconAmazon EC2Apps:
- Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling
- Amazon EC2 Elastic Graphics
- Amazon EC2 Spot Fleet
- AWS EC2 CW Metrics
- AWS EC2 Host Metrics
Automation integration: AWS EC2
- AWS Metadata (Tag) Source
- Cloud SIEM AWS EC2 Inventory Source
- CSE AWS EC2 Inventory Source
Community app: Sumo Logic for AWS EC2 Host Metrics - OpenTelemetry
Thumbnail iconAmazon ECSApps:
- Amazon ECS (With Container Insights and Traces)
- Amazon ECS (Without Container Insights and Traces)
- Collect AWS ECS Fargate Container Logs
- Collect Logs from AWS Fargate
Thumbnail iconAmazon EKSApp: Amazon EKS - Control Plane
Automation integration: AWS EKS
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - EKS
Thumbnail iconAmazon Elastic Block StoreApp: Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)
Thumbnail iconAmazon Elastic File SystemApp: Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)
Thumbnail iconAmazon ElastiCacheApp: Amazon ElastiCache
Thumbnail iconAmazon EMRApp: Amazon EMR
Thumbnail iconAmazon EventBridgeApp: Amazon EventBridge
Thumbnail iconAmazon GameLiftApp: Amazon GameLift
Thumbnail iconAmazon GuardDutyApps:
- Amazon GuardDuty
- Amazon GuardDuty - Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics
- Global Intelligence for Amazon GuardDuty
- Amazon GuardDuty Benchmark
Automation integration: AWS GuardDuty
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - GuardDuty
Collector: AWS GuardDuty - Cloud SIEM
Thumbnail iconAmazon InspectorApps:
- Amazon Inspector
- Amazon Inspector Classic
Automation integration: AWS Inspector
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - Inspector
Thumbnail iconAmazon KinesisApp: Amazon Kinesis - Streams
- AWS Kinesis Firehose for Logs Source
- AWS Kinesis Firehose for Metrics Source
Thumbnail iconAmazon PrometheusCollector: Amazon MSK Prometheus metrics collection
Thumbnail iconAmazon OpenSearch ServiceApp: Amazon OpenSearch Service
Thumbnail iconAmazon RDSApp: Amazon RDS
Community app: Sumo Logic for RDS Enhanced Monitoring
Thumbnail iconAmazon RedshiftApp: Amazon Redshift ULM
Thumbnail iconAmazon Route53App: Amazon Route53 Resolver Security
Automation integration: AWS Route53
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - Route53
Thumbnail iconAmazon S3App: Amazon S3 Audit
Automation integration: AWS S3
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - AWS S3 Server Access Logs
- Amazon S3 Source
- Amazon S3 Audit Source
- Amazon S3 Scan Interval for Sources
Thumbnail iconAmazon Security LakeCollector: Amazon Security Lake Source
Thumbnail iconAmazon SESApp: Amazon SES
Thumbnail iconAmazon SNSApp: Amazon SNS
Thumbnail iconAmazon SQSApp: Amazon SQS
Automation integration: AWS SQS
Thumbnail iconAmazon VPCApps:
- Amazon VPC Flow - Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics
- Amazon VPC Flow Logs
- PCI Compliance for Amazon VPC Flow Logs
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - VpcFlowLogs
Collector: AWS VPC Flow - Cloud SIEM
Thumbnail iconAnomaliAutomation integration: Anomali ThreatStream
Thumbnail iconAnsibleCollector: Install OpenTelemetry Collector on Ansible
Thumbnail iconANY.RUNAutomation integration: ANY.RUN
Thumbnail iconApacheApps:
- Apache
- Apache - OpenTelemetry
- Global Intelligence for Apache
Thumbnail iconApache TomcatApps:
- Apache Tomcat
- Apache Tomcat - OpenTelemetry
- Global Intelligence for Apache Tomcat
Thumbnail iconAPIVoidAutomation integration: APIVoid
Thumbnail iconAquaCloud SIEM integration: Aqua
Partner integration: Aqua
Thumbnail iconArcannaAutomation integration: Arcanna
Thumbnail iconAriaPartner integration: Aria
Thumbnail iconArmisApp: Armis
Collector: Armis API Integration Source
Thumbnail iconAsanaApp: Asana
Collector: Asana Source
Thumbnail iconAtlassianApps:
- Jira
- Jira Cloud
- Jira - OpenTelemetry
Automation integrations:
- Atlassian Confluence
- Atlassian Jira
- Atlassian Jira V2
Cloud SIEM integration: Atlassian
- Webhook Connection for Jira Cloud
- Webhook Connection for Jira Server
- Webhook Connection for Jira Service Desk
Thumbnail iconAutomation AnywherePartner integration: Automation Anywhere
Thumbnail iconAutomoxAutomation integration: Automox
Thumbnail iconAuth0App: Auth0
Cloud SIEM integration: Auth0
Collector: Auth0 - Cloud SIEM
Partner integration: Auth0
Thumbnail iconAWSApps:
- Cloud Infrastructure Security for AWS
- Threat Intel for AWS
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - Trusted Advisor
Community app: Sumo Logic for AWS Health Events
Also see AWS Observability.
Thumbnail iconAWS AmplifyApp: AWS Amplify
Thumbnail iconAWS API GatewayApp: AWS API Gateway
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - API Gateway
Thumbnail iconAWS App RunnerApp: AWS App Runner
Thumbnail iconAWS Application Load BalancerApp: AWS Application Load Balancer
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - Application Load Balancer
Collector: AWS Application Load Balancer - Cloud SIEM
Thumbnail iconAWS Application Migration ServiceApp: AWS Application Migration Service (MGN)
Thumbnail iconAWS AppSyncApp: AWS AppSync
Thumbnail iconAWS BackupApp: AWS Backup
Thumbnail iconAWS Certificate ManagerApp: AWS Certificate Manager
Thumbnail iconAWS ChatbotApp: AWS Chatbot
Thumbnail iconAWS Classic Load BalancerApp: AWS Classic Load Balancer
Thumbnail iconAWS Client VPNApp: AWS Client VPN
Thumbnail iconAWS CloudFormationCollector: Configuring Your AWS Source with CloudFormation
Thumbnail iconAWS CloudHSMApp: AWS CloudHSM
Thumbnail iconAWS CloudTrailApps:
- Amazon CloudTrail - Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics
- AWS CloudTrail
- Global Intelligence for AWS CloudTrail DevOps
- Global Intelligence for AWS CloudTrail SecOps
- PCI Compliance For AWS CloudTrail
- Threat Intel for AWS
Automation integration: AWS CloudTrail
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - CloudTrail
- AWS CloudTrail Source
- AWS CloudTrail - Cloud SIEM
Community app: Sumo Logic for AWS CloudTrail User Activity
Thumbnail iconAWS CodeBuildApp: AWS CodeBuild
Thumbnail iconAWS ConfigApp: AWS Config
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - Config
Thumbnail iconAWS Cost ExplorerApp: AWS Cost Explorer
Collector: AWS Cost Explorer Source
Thumbnail iconAWS Database Migration ServiceApp: AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS)
Thumbnail iconAWS DataSyncApp: AWS DataSync
Thumbnail iconAWS Direct ConnectApp: AWS Direct Connect
Thumbnail iconAWS DynamoDBApp: Amazon DynamoDB
Thumbnail iconAWS Elastic BeanstalkApp: AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Thumbnail iconAWS Elastic Load BalancingApps:
- AWS Elastic Load Balancing
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - Elastic Load Balancer
Collector: AWS Elastic Load Balancing Source
Thumbnail iconAWS Global AcceleratorApp: AWS Global Accelerator
Thumbnail iconAWS GovCloudCollector: Collection from AWS GovCloud
Thumbnail iconAWS Ground StationApp: AWS Ground Station
Thumbnail iconAWS HealthLakeApp: AWS HealthLake
Thumbnail iconAWS Identity and Access ManagementAutomation Integration: AWS IAM
Thumbnail iconAWS LambdaApp: AWS Lambda
- Create a Sumo Lambda Function
- Collect AWS Lambda Logs using an Extension
- AWS Lambda Extension Performance Impact and Failover Handling
Webhook: Webhook Connection for AWS Lambda
Thumbnail iconAWS Network FirewallApp: AWS Network Firewall
Automation integration: AWS Network Firewall
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - Network Firewall
Collector: AWS Network Firewall - Cloud SIEM
Thumbnail iconAWS Network Load BalancerApp: AWS Network Load Balancer
Thumbnail iconAWS OpsWorksCollector: Deploy Sumo Logic Collectors on AWS OpsWorks
Thumbnail iconAWS Private Certificate AuthorityApp: AWS Private Certificate Authority
Automation integration: AWS Private Certificate Authority
Thumbnail iconAWS Security HubApps:
- AWS Security Hub
- AWS Security Hub Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics
- AWS Security Quick Start
Automation integration: AWS Security Hub
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - Security Hub
Thumbnail iconAWS Simple Notification ServiceAutomation integration: AWS Simple Notification Service
Thumbnail iconAWS WAFApps:
- AWS WAF Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics
Automation integration: AWS WAF
Cloud SIEM integration: Amazon AWS - Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Thumbnail iconAxoniusAutomation integration: Axonius
Thumbnail iconAzureApps:
- Azure Analysis Services
- Azure API Management
- Azure App Configuration
- Azure Application Gateway
- Azure App Service Environment
- Azure App Service Plan
- Azure Audit
- Azure Automation
- Azure Backup
- Azure Batch
- Azure Cache for Redis
- Azure Cognitive Search
- Azure Cosmos DB
- Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL
- Azure Data Explorer
- Azure Data Factory
- Azure Database for MariaDB
- Azure Database for MySQL
- Azure Database for PostgreSQL
- Azure Event Grid
- Azure Event Hubs
- Azure Front Door
- Azure Functions
- Azure HDInsight
- Azure IoT Hub
- Azure Key Vault
- Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) - Control Plane
- Azure Load Balancer
- Azure Logic App
- Azure Machine Learning
- Azure Monitor Logs
- Azure Monitor Metrics
- Azure Monitoring
- Azure Network Interface
- Azure Network Watcher
- Azure Notification Hubs
- Azure Public IP Addresses
- Azure Relay
- Azure Service Bus
- Azure SQL
- Azure SQL Elastic Pool
- Azure SQL Managed Instance
- Azure Storage
- Azure Stream Analytics
- Azure Synapse Analytics
- Azure Virtual Network
- Azure Web Apps
Automation integration: Azure AD
- Azure Blob Storage
- Azure Event Hubs Source
- Microsoft Azure Activity Log - Cloud SIEM
- Migrating to Azure Event Hubs Cloud-to-Cloud Source
Webhook: Webhook Connection for Microsoft Azure Functions


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconBanzai CloudPartner integration: Banzai Cloud
Thumbnail iconBarracuda WAFApp: Barracuda WAF
Partner integration: Barracuda CloudGen Firewall
Thumbnail iconBetterCloudPartner integration: BetterCloud
Thumbnail iconBitbucketApp: Bitbucket
Thumbnail iconBitdefenderAutomation integration: Bitdefender GravityZone
Cloud SIEM integration: Bitdefender
Partner integration: Bitdefender
Thumbnail iconBitSightAutomation integration: BitSight Security Performance Management
Thumbnail iconBlackberryApp: Cylance
Automation integration: Cylance Protect
Cloud SIEM integrations:
- Blackberry
- Cylance
Thumbnail iconBlueCatCloud SIEM integration: BlueCat
Thumbnail iconBluelivAutomation integrations:
- Blueliv
- Blueliv Community
Thumbnail iconBoxApp: Box
Cloud SIEM integration: Box
Collector: Box Source
Thumbnail iconBuddyWebhook: Buddy
Thumbnail iconBugsnagWebhook: Bugsnag


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconCA Service Desk ManagerAutomation integration: CA Service Desk
Thumbnail iconCassandraApps:
- Cassandra
- Cassandra - OpenTelemetry
Thumbnail iconCatchpointPartner integration: Catchpoint
Thumbnail iconCato NetworksApp: Cato Networks
Cloud SIEM integration: Cato Networks
Collector: Cato Networks Source
Thumbnail iconCensysAutomation integrations:
- Censys
- Censys V2
Thumbnail iconCertegoAutomation integration: Certego
Thumbnail iconCheck-HostAutomation integration: Check-Host
Thumbnail iconCheck PointAutomation integration: Check Point
Cloud SIEM integration: Check Point
Collector: Check Point Firewall - Cloud SIEM
Community app: Sumo Logic for Check Point
Thumbnail iconChefCollector: Install OpenTelemetry Collector on Chef
Community app: Sumo Logic for Chef
Thumbnail iconCIRCLAutomation integration: CIRCL CVE Search
Cloud SIEM integration: PassiveDns
Thumbnail iconCircleCIPartner integration: CircleCI
Thumbnail iconCIS Benchmarks for AWSApp: CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark
Thumbnail iconCiscoApps:
- Cisco Meraki
- Cisco Meraki - C2C
- Cisco Umbrella
Automation integrations:
- Armorblox
- Cisco AMP for Endpoints
- Cisco Cyber Vision
- Cisco ESA
- Cisco IOS XE
- Cisco ISE
- Cisco Meraki
- Cisco Stealthwatch
- Cisco Threat Grid
- Cisco Threat Response
- Cisco Umbrella Investigate
- Cisco Webex
- Snort
Cloud SIEM integration: Cisco Systems
- Cisco AMP Source
- Cisco ASA - Cloud SIEM
- Cisco Meraki Source
- Cisco Meraki - Cloud SIEM
- Cisco Vulnerability Management Source
- Webex Source
Community app: Sumo Logic for Cisco Sourcefire
Thumbnail iconCitrixApp: Citrix Cloud
Cloud SIEM integration: Citrix
Collector: Citrix Cloud Source
Community apps:
- Sumo Logic for Citrix Netscaler VPN
- Sumo Logic for Citrix XenServer
Thumbnail iconClarotyAutomation integration: Claroty
Cloud SIEM integration: Claroty
Thumbnail iconCloudflareApp: Cloudflare
Automation integration: Cloudflare
Cloud SIEM integration: Cloudflare
Community app: Sumo Logic Dashboards for Cloudflare
Partner integration: Cloudflare
Thumbnail iconCode42Cloud SIEM integration: Code42
Collector: Code42 Incydr Source
Partner integration: Code42 Incydr
Thumbnail iconCofenseAutomation integration: Cofense
Thumbnail iconConfitCatWebhook: ConfitCat
Thumbnail iconConnectWise PSAAutomation integration: ConnectWise Manage
Thumbnail iconCoralogixAutomation integrations:
- Coralogix - Query Logs
- Coralogix - Send Logs
Thumbnail iconCorelightAutomation integration: Corelight
Cloud SIEM integrations:
- Bro
- Corelight
Collector: Corelight Zeek - Cloud SIEM
Thumbnail iconCouchbaseApps:
- Couchbase
- Couchbase - OpenTelemetry
Thumbnail iconCriblAutomation integration: Cribl
Partner integration: Cribl
Thumbnail iconCriminal IPAutomation integration: Criminal IP
Thumbnail iconCrowdStrikeApps:
- CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection
- Threat Intel Quick Analysis
Automation integrations:
- CrowdStrike Falcon
- CrowdStrike Falcon Discover
- CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence
- CrowdStrike Falcon Sandbox
Cloud SIEM integrations:
- CrowdStrike
- PreemptSecurity
- CrowdStrike Source
- Crowdstrike FDR Source
- CrowdStrike FDR Host Inventory Source
- CrowdStrike FileVantage Source
- CrowdStrike Spotlight Source
Thumbnail iconCuckooAutomation integration: Cuckoo
Thumbnail iconCyberArkAutomation integrations:
- CyberArk AAM
- CyberArk PAM
Cloud SIEM integration: CyberArk
Collector: CyberArk EPM Source
cyberintCyberIntAutomation integration: Cyberint
Thumbnail iconCybereasonAutomation integration: Cybereason
Cloud SIEM integration: Cybereason
Collector: Cybereason Source
Partner integration: Cybereason
Thumbnail iconCybersecurity HelpAutomation integration: Cybersecurity Help
Thumbnail iconCyber TriageAutomation integration: Cyber Triage
Thumbnail iconCyralPartner integration: Cyral


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconDarkOwlAutomation integration: DarkOwl
Thumbnail iconDarktraceAutomation integration: Darktrace
Cloud SIEM integration: Darktrace
Thumbnail iconDatadogApp: Datadog
Webhook: Webhook Connection for Datadog
Thumbnail iconDataminrCloud SIEM integration: Dataminr
Partner integration: Dataminr Pulse for Sumo Logic
Thumbnail iconDattoAutomated integration: Datto RMM
Cloud SIEM integration: Datto
Thumbnail iconDelineaCloud SIEM integration: Thycotic Software
Community app: Sumo Logic for Centrify
Partner integration: Delinea Secret Server
Thumbnail iconDell TechnologiesCloud SIEM integration: Dell
Thumbnail iconDevoAutomation integration: Devo
Thumbnail iconDigital ShadowsAutomation integration: Digital Shadows
Thumbnail iconDockerApps:
- Docker
- Docker - OpenTelemetry
- Docker ULM
Cloud SIEM integration: Docker
- Docker Collection Methods
- Docker Sources
Thumbnail iconDocuSignApp: DocuSign
Cloud SIEM integration: DocuSign
Collector: DocuSign
Thumbnail iconDomain DossierAutomation integration: Domain Dossier
Thumbnail iconDomainToolsAutomation integration: DomainTools
Thumbnail iconDopplerPartner integration: Doppler
Thumbnail iconDowndetectorAutomation integration: Downdetector
Thumbnail iconDropboxApp: Dropbox
Automation integration: Dropbox
Cloud SIEM integration: Dropbox
Collector: Dropbox Source
Thumbnail iconDruvaApps:
- Druva
- Druva Cyber Resilience
Automation integration: Druva
Cloud SIEM integration: Druva
- Druva Source
- Druva Cyber Resilience Source
Thumbnail iconDuoApp: Duo Security
Automation integration: Duo
Cloud SIEM integration: Druva
Collector: Duo Source
Thumbnail iconDynatraceAutomation integration: Dynatrace


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconEclecticIQAutomation integration: EclecticIQ
Thumbnail iconEgnyteCloud SIEM integration: Egnyte
Partner integration: Egnyte
Thumbnail iconElasticApps:
- Elasticsearch
- Elasticsearch - OpenTelemetry
Automation integrations:
- Elasticsearch V2
- Elastic Security
Cloud SIEM integration: Endgame
Thumbnail iconEmnifyWebhook: Emnify
Thumbnail iconEndacePartner integration: Endace
Thumbnail iconEnergyLogserverAutomation integration: EnergyLogserver
Thumbnail iconErmesAutomation integration: Ermes
Thumbnail iconESETCloud SIEM integration: ESET
Thumbnail iconExabeamCloud SIEM integration: Exabeam
Thumbnail iconExanaAutomation integration: Exana Open DNS
Thumbnail iconExploit DatabaseAutomation integration: Exploit Database
Thumbnail iconExtraHopCloud SIEM integration: Extrahop
Community app: Sumo Logic for ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconF5Apps:
- Global Intelligence for Nginx
- Nginx
- Nginx Ingress
- Nginx - OpenTelemetry
- Nginx Plus
- Nginx Plus Ingress
Automation integrations:
- F5 AS3
Cloud SIEM integrations:
- F5
- Nginx
Collector: Nginx Access Logs - Cloud SIEM
Community app: Sumo Logic for F5
Thumbnail iconFalcoCloud SIEM integration: Falco
Thumbnail iconFarsight Security DNSDBAutomation integration: Farsight Security DNSDB
Thumbnail iconFastahAutomation integration: Fastah IP Geolocation
Thumbnail iconFastlyApp: Fastly
Cloud SIEM integration: Signal Sciences
Collector: Signal Sciences WAF - Cloud SIEM
Thumbnail iconFidelisApp: CloudPassage Halo
Automation integration: Fidelis Elevate Network
Collector: Integrate Halo Event Logs into Sumo Logic
Thumbnail iconFireflyWebhook: Firefly
Thumbnail iconFireHydrantAutomation integration: FireHydrant
Thumbnail iconFlagsmithWebhook: Flagsmith
Thumbnail iconFlowmonAutomation integration: Flowmon
Thumbnail iconForcepoint Web SecurityAutomation integration: Forcepoint Web Security
Cloud SIEM integration: Forcepoint
Thumbnail iconForescout eyeSightAutomation integration: Forescout eyeSight
Thumbnail iconFortinetAutomation integrations:
- FortiAnalyzer
- FortiGate
- FortiMail
- FortiProxy
- FortiSandbox
- FortiSIEM
- FortiWeb V2
- FortiWeb
Cloud SIEM integration: Fortinet
Collector: Fortigate Firewall - Cloud SIEM
Community app: Sumo Logic for Fortinet Fortigate Firewall
Thumbnail iconFortraAutomation integrations:
- PhishLabs DRP
- PhishLabs EIR - Incident Data
- PhishLabs EIR - IOC Feed
Cloud SIEM integration: Digital Guardian
Thumbnail iconFreshworksAutomation integrations:
- FreshDesk
- Freshservice


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconGeneaCloud SIEM integration: Sequr
Thumbnail iconGigamonCloud SIEM integration: Gigamon
Partner integrations:
- Gigamon HAWK
- Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT
Thumbnail iconGitHubApp: GitHub
Automation integration: GitHub
Cloud SIEM integration: Github
Community app: Sumo Logic for GitHub Actions
Thumbnail iconGitLabApp: GitLab
Automation integration: GitLab
Thumbnail iconGmailApp: Gmail Trace Logs
Automation integrations:
- Gmail
- Gmail Multiple Mailbox
Collector: Gmail Trace Logs Source
Thumbnail iconGoogleApps:
- Google App Engine
- Google BigQuery
- Google Cloud AlloyDB for PostgreSQL
- Google Cloud API Gateway
- Google Cloud APIs
- Google Cloud Armor
- Google Cloud Audit
- Google Cloud Auto Scaler
- Google Cloud Backup for GKE
- Google Cloud BigQuery BI Engine
- Google Cloud Bigtable
- Google Cloud Certificate Authority Service
- Google Cloud Certificate Manager
- Google Cloud Composer
- Google Compute Engine
- Google Cloud Dataflow
- Google Cloud Dataproc
- Google Cloud Dataproc Metastore
- Google Cloud Datastore
- Google Cloud Datastream
- Google Cloud Deploy
- Google Cloud Filestore
- Google Cloud Firebase
- Google Cloud Firestore
- Google Cloud Firewall
- Google Cloud Fleet Engine
- Google Cloud Functions
- Google Cloud Interconnect
- Google Cloud Load Balancing
- Google Cloud Logging
- Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis
- Google Cloud Net App Cloud Volumes Service
- Google Cloud Network Topology
- Google Cloud Pub Sub
- Google Cloud Router
- Google Cloud Run
- Google Cloud Spanner
- Google Cloud SQL
- Google Cloud Storage
- Google Cloud Tasks
- Google Cloud TPU
- Google Cloud Trace
- Google Cloud Traffic Director
- Google Cloud Vertex AI
- Google Cloud VPC
- Google Cloud VPN
- Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
Automation integrations:
- Chronicle
- Google Safe Browsing
- Mandiant Advantage Threat intelligence
Cloud SIEM integration: Google
- Google BigQuery Source
- GCP Metrics Source
- Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Source
Community app: Sumo Logic for GCP Balancer Metrics
Thumbnail iconGoogle WorkspaceApp: Google Workspace
Automation integrations:
- Google Alert Center
- Google Admin
- Google Drive
Collector: Google Workspace AlertCenter Source
- Google Workspace Apps Audit - Cloud SIEM
- Google Workspace Apps Audit Source
- Google Workspace User Inventory Source
- G Suite Alert Center - Cloud SIEM
Thumbnail iconGrafanaWebhook: Grafana OnCall
Thumbnail iconGremlinWebhook: Gremlin
Thumbnail iconGreyNoiseAutomation integration: GreyNoise


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconHacker TargetAutomation integration: Hacker Target
Thumbnail iconHAProxyApps:
- HAProxy
- HAProxy - OpenTelemetry
Thumbnail iconHarnessPartner integration: Harness
Thumbnail iconHashicorpAutomation integration: Terraform
Partner integration: Terraform
Thumbnail iconHasuraWebhook: Hasura
Thumbnail iconHatchingAutomation integration: Hatching Triage
Thumbnail iconHave I Been PwnedAutomation integration: Have I Been Pwned
Thumbnail iconHerokuApp: Heroku
Collector: Collect Logs from Heroku
Thumbnail iconHewlett Packard EnterpriseCloud SIEM integration: HP
Community apps:
- Sumo Logic for Aruba Wireless Auth Manager and WMS Module
- Sumo Logic for Aruba Wireless TACACS
Thumbnail iconHoneybadgerWebhook: Honeybadger
Thumbnail iconHudsonRockAutomation integration: HudsonRock Cavalier
Thumbnail iconHybrid AnalysisAutomation integration: Hybrid Analysis


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconIBMAutomation integrations:
- IBM Maximo
- IBM MSS Tickets
- IBM QRadar
- IBM X-Force Exchange
Cloud SIEM integration: IBM
Thumbnail iconIISApps:
- IIS 7
- IIS 10
- IIS 10 - OpenTelemetry
Thumbnail iconiLertWebhook: iLert
Thumbnail iconIllumioCloud SIEM integration: Illumio
Thumbnail iconImpervaApp: Imperva Incapsula
Automation integrations:
- Imperva Incapsula
- Imperva SecureSphere
- Imperva WAF
Cloud SIEM integration: Imperva
Thumbnail iconInfobloxCloud SIEM integration: Infoblox
Thumbnail iconISCCloud SIEM integration: ISC
Thumbnail iconIstioApp: Istio
Thumbnail iconIntel 471Automation integration: Intel 471
Thumbnail iconIntelligence XAutomation integration: Intelligence X
Thumbnail iconIntezerAutomation integration: Intezer
Thumbnail iconIntsights TIPAutomation integration: Intsights TIP
Thumbnail iconIP-APIAutomation integration: IP-API
Thumbnail iconipdataAutomation integration: ipdata
Thumbnail iconIPinfoAutomation integration: IPinfo
Thumbnail iconIP Quality ScoreAutomation integration: IP Quality Score
Thumbnail iconIpstackAutomation integration: Ipstack
Thumbnail iconIvantiAutomation integrations:
- Neurons ITSM
- Pulse Secure
Cloud SIEM integration: Pulse


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconJamfAutomation integration: Jamf
Cloud SIEM integration: Jamf
Community app: Sumo Logic for JAMF
Partner integration: Jamf Protect App for Sumo Logic
Thumbnail iconJenkinsApp: Jenkins
Thumbnail iconJFrog ArtifactoryApps:
- Artifactory (6 and 7) - Classic
- Artifactory - OpenTelemetry
Thumbnail iconJFrog XrayApp: JFrog Xray
Collector: JFrog Xray Source
Thumbnail iconJMXApps:
- JMX - OpenTelementry
Thumbnail iconJoe SecurityAutomation integration: Joe Sandbox
Thumbnail iconJumpCloudCloud SIEM integration: JumpCloud
Collector: JumpCloud Directory Insights Source
Community app: Sumo Logic Dashboard for JumpCloud
Thumbnail iconJuniper NetworksCloud SIEM integration: Juniper
Community app: Sumo Logic for Juniper Firewall


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconKafkaApps:
- Kafka
- Kafka - OpenTelemetry
Thumbnail iconKalturaCloud SIEM integration: Kaltura
Collector: Kaltura - Source
Thumbnail iconKandjiCommunity app: Kandji API Data Streamer
Thumbnail iconKasperskyAutomation integrations:
- Kaspersky CyberTrace
- Kaspersky TIP
Cloud SIEM integration: KasperskyLab
Thumbnail iconKeeper SecurityPartner integration: Keeper Security
Thumbnail iconKelaAutomation integrations:
- Kela Darkbeast
- Kela RaDark
Thumbnail iconKemp LoadMasterCloud SIEM integration: Kemp
Collector: Kemp LoadMaster - Cloud SIEM
Thumbnail iconKnowBe4App: KnowBe4
Automation integrations:
- KnowBe4 KMSAT - Reporting
- KnowBe4 KMSAT - User Events
- KnowBe4 PhishER
Collector: KnowBe4 API Source
Thumbnail iconKubernetesApps:
- Kubernetes
- Kubernetes Control Plane
- Global Intelligence for Kubernetes DevOps
Cloud SIEM integration: Kubernetes
- Kubernetes


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconLaceworkAutomation integration: Lacework
Cloud SIEM integration: Lacework
Partner integration: Lacework
Thumbnail iconLambdaTestPartner integration: LambdaTest
Thumbnail iconLansweeperAutomation integration: Lansweeper
Thumbnail iconLastPassCloud SIEM integration: LastPass
Thumbnail iconLaurelCloud SIEM integration: Laurel
Thumbnail iconLibraesvaAutomation integrations:
- Libraesva Email Security V4
- Libraesva Email Security V5
Cloud SIEM integration: Libraesva
Thumbnail iconLinuxApps:
- Linux
- Linux - OpenTelemetry
- Linux - Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics
- Linux - Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics - OpenTelemetry
- PCI Compliance for Linux
- PCI Compliance for Linux - OpenTelemetry
Cloud SIEM integration: Linux
- Add a Collector to a Linux Machine Image
- Install a Collector on Linux
- Install OpenTelemetry Collector on Linux
- Linux OS Syslog - Cloud SIEM
Thumbnail iconLogPointAutomation integration: LogPoint
Thumbnail iconLogRhythmAutomation integration: LogRhythm
Thumbnail iconLucidumPartner integration: Lucidum


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconmacOSApp: macOS OpenTelemetry
- Install a Collector on macOS
- Install OpenTelemetry Collector on macOS
Thumbnail iconMailgunWebhook: Mailgun
Thumbnail iconMalwarebytesAutomation integration: Malwarebytes Nebula
Cloud SIEM integration: Malwarebytes
Thumbnail iconManageEngineAutomation integration: ManageEngine Desktop Central
Cloud SIEM integration: ManageEngine
Thumbnail iconMariaDBApps:
- MariaDB
- MariaDB - OpenTelemetry
Thumbnail iconMaterial SecurityAutomation integration: Material Security
Thumbnail iconMattermostAutomation integration: Mattermost
Thumbnail iconMaxMindAutomation integration: MaxMind V2
Thumbnail iconMcAfeeAutomation integrations:
- McAfee ATD
- McAfee ESM
- McAfee Network Security Platform Manager (NSM)
- McAfee Web Gateway
Cloud SIEM integration: McAfee
Thumbnail iconMemcachedApps:
- Memcached
- Memcached - OpenTelemetry
Thumbnail iconMicrosoftApps:
- Azure Active Directory
- Microsoft Dynamics 365
- Microsoft Exchange Trace Logs
- Microsoft Graph Azure AD Reporting
- Microsoft Graph Identity Protection
- Microsoft Graph Security V1
- Microsoft Graph Security V2
- Microsoft Office 365
- Microsoft SQL Server
- Microsoft SQL Server - OpenTelemetry
- Microsoft SQL Server for Linux - OpenTelemetry
- Microsoft Teams
Automation integrations:
- Microsoft 365 Defender
- Microsoft Azure Log Analytics
- Microsoft Azure Security Center
- Microsoft Defender ATP
- Microsoft EWS
- Microsoft EWS Daemon
- Microsoft EWS Extension
- Microsoft Graph Security
- Microsoft OneDrive
- Microsoft Sharepoint
- Microsoft Sentinel
- Microsoft Teams
Cloud SIEM integration: Microsoft
- Microsoft 365 Audit (Office 365 Audit) - Cloud SIEM
- Microsoft Exchange Trace Logs
- Microsoft Office 365 Audit Source
- Microsoft Graph Azure AD Reporting Source
- Microsoft Graph Identity Protection Source
- Microsoft Graph Security API Source
Community app: Sumo Logic Microsoft Defender for EndPoint
Webhook: Webhook Connection for Microsoft Teams
Thumbnail iconMimecastApp: Mimecast
Automation integration: Mimecast
Cloud SIEM integration: Mimecast
Collector: Mimecast Source
Partner integration: Mimecast app for Sumo Logic
Thumbnail iconMiroApp: Miro
Cloud SIEM integration: Miro
Collector: Miro Source
Thumbnail iconMISPAutomation integration: MISP
Community app: Sumo Logic for MISP
Thumbnail iconMITRE ATT&CKAutomation integration: Mitre Matrix
Thumbnail iconMongoDBApps:
- MongoDB
- MongoDB - OpenTelementry
Thumbnail iconMongoDB AtlasApp: MongoDB Atlas
Thumbnail iconmParticleWebhook: mParticle
Thumbnail iconMxToolboxAutomation integration: MxToolbox
Thumbnail iconMySQLApps:
- MySQL - OpenTelemetry


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconNetlifyWebhook: Netlify
Thumbnail iconNETSCOUTAutomation integration: Arbor (NETSCOUT)
Thumbnail iconNetskopeApps:
- Netskope
- Netskope Legacy
Automation integrations:
- Netskope
- Netskope V2
Cloud SIEM integration: Netskope
- Netskope Source
- Netskope WebTx Source
Thumbnail iconNeustarAutomation integration: Neustar IP GeoPoint
Thumbnail iconNew RelicWebhook: Webhook Connection for New Relic
Thumbnail iconNmapAutomation integration: Nmap
Thumbnail iconNobl9Webhook: Nobl9
Thumbnail iconNozomi NetworksAutomation integration: Nozomi Networks
Thumbnail iconNucleonAutomation integration: Nucleon Cyber
Partner integration: Nucleon
Thumbnail iconNXLogPartner integration: NXLog


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconObservable NetworksApp: Observable Networks
Thumbnail iconOISFCloud SIEM integration: OISF
Thumbnail iconOktaApp: Okta
Automation integration: Okta
Cloud SIEM integration: Okta
- Okta Source
- Okta - Cloud SIEM
Thumbnail iconOneLoginApp: OneLogin
Automation integration: OneLogin
Cloud SIEM integration: OneLogin
Collector: OneLogin - Cloud SIEM
Thumbnail icon1PasswordApp: 1Password
Cloud SIEM integration: 1Password
Collector: 1Password Source
Thumbnail iconOneTrustAutomation integration: OneTrust
Thumbnail iconOpenAIAutomation integration: OpenAI ChatGPT
Thumbnail iconOpenLDAPAutomation integration: OpenLDAP
Thumbnail iconOpenSSHCloud SIEM integration: OpenSSH
Thumbnail iconOpenTextAutomation integrations:
- Arcsight ESM
- Arcsight Logger
- HP Universal CMDB
- Micro Focus Service Management
- OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security
Cloud SIEM integration: Micro Focus
Thumbnail iconOpenVPNCloud SIEM integration: OpenVPN
Thumbnail iconOpsgenieApp: Opsgenie
Automation integration: Atlassian Opsgenie
- Webhook Connection for Opsgenie
- Webhook Connection for Opsgenie (Legacy)
Thumbnail iconOpsRampPartner integration: OpsRamp
Thumbnail iconOpswatAutomation integration: Opswat Metadefender
Thumbnail iconOracle DatabaseApps:
- Oracle
- Oracle - OpenTelemetry
Collector: Collect Logs from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Thumbnail iconOrca SecurityCloud SIEM integration: Orca Security
Thumbnail iconosqueryCloud SIEM integration: Osquery
Collector: Osquery - Cloud SIEM
Thumbnail iconOssecCloud SIEM integration: Ossec


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconPagerDutyApps:
- PagerDuty V2
- PagerDuty V3
Automation integration: PagerDuty
Webhook: Webhook Connection for PagerDuty
Thumbnail iconPalo Alto NetworksApps:
- Palo Alto Firewall 9
- Palo Alto Firewall 10
- Palo Alto Networks 9
- PCI Compliance for Palo Alto Networks 9
- PCI Compliance for Palo Alto Networks 10
- Palo Alto Cortex XDR
- Twistlock
Automation integrations:
- Cortex XDR
- Palo Alto AutoFocus
- Palo Alto Networks NGFW
- Palo Alto Networks Panorama V2
- Prisma Cloud
Cloud SIEM integrations:
- Demisto
- Palo Alto Networks
- Redlock
- Twistlock
- Collect Logs from Palo Alto Networks Cortex Data Lake
- Palo Alto Cortex XDR Source
- Palo Alto Firewall - Cloud SIEM
Community app: Sumo Logic for Palo Alto Cortex XDR
Partner integration: Cortex XSOAR
Thumbnail iconPaperTrailWebhook: PaperTrail
Thumbnail iconPhantombusterAutomation integration: Phantombuster
Thumbnail iconPhishTankAutomation integration: PhishTank
Thumbnail iconPing IdentityCloud SIEM integration: PingIdentity
Thumbnail iconPostgreSQLApps:
- PostgreSQL
- PostgreSQL - OpenTelemetry
Thumbnail iconPostmanWebhook: Postman
Thumbnail iconPritunlCloud SIEM integration: Pritunl
Thumbnail iconPrometheusCollector: Collect Prometheus Metrics
Thumbnail iconProofpointApps:
- Proofpoint on Demand
- Proofpoint TAP
Automation integration: Proofpoint TAP
Cloud SIEM integrations:
- ObserveIT
- Proofpoint
- Proofpoint On Demand Source
- Proofpoint TAP Source
Community app: Sumo Logic for Proofpoint TAP
Thumbnail iconProtectOnceAutomation integration: ProtectOnce
Thumbnail iconPulsediveAutomation integration: Pulsedive
Thumbnail iconPuppetApps:
- Puppet
- Puppet - OpenTelemetry
Collector: Install OpenTelemetry Collector on Puppet
Thumbnail iconPusherWebhook: Pusher


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconQualysApp: Qualys VMDR
Automation integrations:
- Qualys
- Qualys EDR
- Qualys WAS
Cloud SIEM integration: Qualys
Collector: Qualys VMDR Source
Community app: Sumo Logic for Qualys VMDR and Inventory


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconRabbitMQApps:
- RabbitMQ
- RabbitMQ - OpenTelemetry
Thumbnail iconRadiant LogicCloud SIEM integration: Radiant Logic
Thumbnail iconRapid7App: Rapid7
Automation integrations:
- Rapid 7 InsightVM
- Rapid7 Nexpose
Thumbnail iconRapidAPIAutomation integration: RapidAPI
Thumbnail iconRecorded FutureAutomation integration: Recorded Future
Thumbnail iconRed Hat OpenShiftPartner integration: Red Hat OpenShift
Collector: Rapid7 Source
Thumbnail iconRedisApps:
- Redis
- Redis - OpenTelemetry
Thumbnail iconRiskIQAutomation integration: Passive Total
Thumbnail iconRollbarWebhook: Rollbar
Thumbnail iconRSAAutomation integrations:
- RSA NetWitness Logs
- RSA NetWitness
Cloud SIEM integration: RSA
Thumbnail iconrsyslogCollector: rsyslog
Thumbnail iconRuby on RailsCollector: Collect Ruby on Rails Logs


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconSailPointApp: SailPoint
Automation integration: SailPoint
Cloud SIEM integration: SailPoint
Collector: SailPoint Source
Thumbnail iconSalesforceApp: Salesforce
Automation integration: Salesforce
Cloud SIEM integration: Salesforce
Collector: Salesforce Source
Thumbnail iconSauce LabsPartner integration: Sauce Labs
Thumbnail iconScreenshot MachineAutomation integration: Screenshot Machine
Thumbnail iconSecureAuthCloud SIEM integration: SecureAuth
Thumbnail iconSecurity ScorecardAutomation integration: Security Scorecard
Thumbnail iconSecurityTrailsAutomation integration: SecurityTrails
Thumbnail iconSecuronixAutomation integrations:
- Securonix
- Securonix V2
Thumbnail iconSendGridWebhook: SendGrid
Thumbnail iconSentinelOneApp: SentinelOne
Automation integration: SentinelOne
Cloud SIEM integration: SentinelOne
- Collect Logs for SentinelOne
- SentinelOne Mgmt API Source
- SentinelOne - Cloud SIEM
Thumbnail iconSensuPartner integration: Send data to Sumo Logic with Sensu
Thumbnail iconSIGNL4Webhooks:
- Webhook Connection for SIGNL4
Thumbnail iconSentryWebhook: Sentry
Thumbnail iconServiceNowAutomation integration: ServiceNow V2
Webhook: ServiceNow
Thumbnail iconShodanAutomation integration: Shodan
Thumbnail iconSilent PushAutomation integration: Silent Push
Thumbnail iconSlackApp: Slack
Automation integration: Slack
Cloud SIEM integration: Slack
Collector: Slack Source
Webhook: Webhook Connection for Slack
Thumbnail iconSnareCloud SIEM integration: Intersect Alliance
Thumbnail iconSnowflakeCloud SIEM integration: Snowflake
Thumbnail iconSnykAutomation integration: Snyk
Thumbnail iconSOCRadarAutomation integration: SOCRadar
Thumbnail iconSonicWallAutomation integration: SonicWall
Thumbnail iconSophosAutomation integrations:
- Sophos Central
- Sophos Central V3
Cloud SIEM integration: Sophos
Collector: Sophos Central Source
Community app: Sumo Logic for Sophos Central
Thumbnail iconSpiderFoot HXAutomation integration: SpiderFoot HX
Thumbnail iconSpinnakerPartner integration: Spinnaker
Thumbnail iconSplitWebhook: Split
Thumbnail iconSplunkAutomation integration: Splunk
Collector: Import Raw Data from Splunk
Thumbnail iconSquadcastWebhook: Squadcast
Thumbnail iconSquid CacheApps:
- Squid Proxy
- Squid Proxy - OpenTelemetry
Cloud SIEM integration: Squid
Thumbnail iconStackRoxCollector: StackRox
Partner integration: StackRox app
Thumbnail iconStatsDCollector: Collect StatsD Metrics
Thumbnail iconStellar CyberStellar Cyber Starlight
Thumbnail iconStrimziApp: Strimzi Kafka
Thumbnail iconStripeWebhook: Stripe
Thumbnail iconSucuriCloud SIEM integration: Sucuri
Thumbnail iconSumo LogicApps:
- Enterprise Audit - Cloud SIEM
- Sumo Logic Audit App
- Sumo Logic Data Volume App
- Sumo Logic Enterprise Audit Apps (multiple apps)
- Sumo Logic Enterprise Search Audit App
- Sumo Logic Infrequent Data Tier App
- Sumo Logic Log Analysis QuickStart App
- Sumo Logic Security Analytics App
Automation integrations:
- Basic Tools
- HTTP Tools
- Incident Tools
- Mail Tools
- POP3
- Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM
- Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Internal
- Sumo Logic Log Analytics
- Sumo Logic Log Analytics Internal
- Sumo Logic Notifications
- Triage Tools
- ZIP Tools
Cloud SIEM integration: Sumo Logic
Community app: Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) for Sumo Logic
Thumbnail iconSuperwiseWebhook: Superwise
Thumbnail iconSymantecApp: Symantec Web Security Service
Automation integrations:
- Javelin AD Protect
- Symantec DeepSight
- Symantec EDR
- Symantec Endpoint Protection
- Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud
- Symantec Secure Web Gateway (Bluecoat)
- Symantec WebPulse
- Symantec Web Security Service Source
- Symantec Proxy Secure Gateway - Cloud SIEM
- Symantec Proxy Secure Gateway (Blue Coat Proxy) - Cloud SIEM
Cloud SIEM integration: Symantec
Community app: Sumo Logic for Symantec WSS
Thumbnail iconSysdigCloud SIEM integration: Sysdig
Thumbnail iconsyslog-ngAutomation integration: Syslog-NG
Collector: syslog-ng


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconTaniumCloud SIEM integration: Tanium
Collector: Tanium
Thumbnail iconTelegrafCollector: Telegraf
Thumbnail iconTelegramAutomation integration: Telegram V2
Thumbnail iconTenableApp: Tenable
Automation integrations:
Cloud SIEM integration: Tenable
Collector: Tenable Source
Community app: Sumo Logic for Tenable IO
Thumbnail iconTessianPartner integration: Tessian for Sumo Logic
Thumbnail iconTheHiveAutomation integration: TheHive
Thumbnail iconThinkst CanaryThinkst Canary
Thumbnail iconThreatConnectAutomation integration: ThreatConnect
Thumbnail iconThreat CrowdAutomation integration: Threat Crowd
Thumbnail iconThreaterCloud SIEM integration: Bandura
Thumbnail iconThreatMinerAutomation integration: ThreatMiner
Thumbnail iconThreatQAutomation integration: ThreatQ
Thumbnail iconTrellixAutomation integrations:
- FireEye AX
- FireEye Central Management (CM)
- FireEye Email Security (EX)
- FireEye Endpoint Security (HX)
- FireEye Helix
- FireEye Network Security (NX)
Cloud SIEM integrations:
- FireEye
- Trellix
Collector: Trellix mVision ePO Source
Thumbnail iconTrend MicroApp: Trend Micro Deep Security
Automation integrations:
- Trend Micro Deep Security
- Trend Micro Vision ONE
Cloud SIEM integration: Trend Micro
Thumbnail iconTufinAutomation integrations:
- Tufin SecureChange
- Tufin SecureTrack V2


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconUptimeWebhook: Uptime
Thumbnail iconURLScan.ioAutomation integration:


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconVarnishApps:
- Varnish
- Varnish - OpenTelemetry
Thumbnail iconVaronisCloud SIEM integration: Varonis
Thumbnail iconVectraAutomation integration: Vectra
Cloud SIEM integration: Vectra
Thumbnail iconVirusTotalAutomation integration: VirusTotal
Thumbnail iconVMRayAutomation integration: VMRay
Thumbnail iconVMwareApps:
- Carbon Black Cloud
- VMware
- VMware Legacy
- VMware Carbon Black
Automation integrations:
- Lastline Analyst
- VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard
- VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard V2
- VMware Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR
- VMware Carbon Black Cloud Platform
- VMware vSphere
- VMware Workspace ONE
Cloud SIEM integrations:
- Carbon Black
- VMware
- Carbon Black Cloud Source
- Carbon Black Inventory Source
- Carbon Black Cloud - Cloud SIEM
- Collect Metrics from VMware vRealize Operations Manager 8 Enterprise
- VMware AirWatch Integration for Sumo Logic
- VMware vRealize Log Insight
Partner integration: VMware Tanzu
Thumbnail iconVotiroPartner integration: Votiro


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconWatchguardAutomation integration: Panda EDR
Thumbnail iconWhoisXMLAutomation integration: WhoisXML
Thumbnail iconWindowsApps:
- Windows Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics
- Windows - Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics - OpenTelemetry
- Windows JSON
- Windows - OpenTelemetry
- Windows Performance
- Windows Legacy
- PCI Compliance For Windows (JSON)
- PCI Compliance for Windows JSON - OpenTelemetry
Automation integration: PowerShell Tools
- Add a Collector to a Windows Machine Image
- Install a Collector on Windows
- Install OpenTelemetry Collector on Windows
- Local Windows Event Log Source
- Local Windows Performance Monitor Log Source
- Microsoft Windows - Cloud SIEM
- Preconfigure a Machine to Collect Remote Windows Events
- Preconfigure a Machine to Collect Remote Windows Performance Monitoring Logs
- Remote Windows Event Log Source
- Remote Windows Performance Monitor Log Source
- Windows Event Source Custom Channels
Thumbnail iconWithSecureAutomation integrations:
- WithSecure Elements
- WithSecure Endpoint Protection
Thumbnail iconWittraAutomation integration: Wittra
Thumbnail iconWizCloud SIEM integration: Wiz
Thumbnail iconWorkdayApp: Workday
Cloud SIEM integration: Workday
Collector: Workday Source


LogoVendors and ProductsIntegrations
Thumbnail iconZebriumWebhook: Zebrium RCaaS
Thumbnail iconZendeskAutomation integration: Zendesk
Thumbnail iconZendutyWebhook: Zenduty
Thumbnail iconZero NetworksCloud SIEM integration: Zero Networks
Collector: Zero Networks Segment Source
Thumbnail iconZeroFoxAutomation integration: ZeroFOX
Partner integration: ZeroFox integration
Thumbnail iconZoomApp: Zoom
Automation integration: Zoom
Cloud SIEM integration: Zoom
Collector: Zoom Source
Thumbnail iconZscalerApps:
- Zscaler Internet Access
- Zscaler Private Access
Automation integration: Zscaler
Cloud SIEM integration: Zscaler
- ZScaler NSS - Cloud SIEM
- Zscaler Private Access - Cloud SIEM
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