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Proofpoint TAP


The Sumo Logic app for Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection App (TAP) provides comprehensive visibility and analysis of messages and clicks of malicious URLs. Proofpoint TAP is a cybersecurity solution offered by Proofpoint, a leading cybersecurity company. By leveraging advanced technologies and threat intelligence, Proofpoint TAP helps organizations detect and mitigate sophisticated threats, reducing the risk of successful cyberattacks.

Key features of the Proofpoint TAP app include:

  • Message Protection. Employs sophisticated email analysis techniques to identify malicious emails, such as those containing malware, ransomware, or phishing attempts.
  • URL Defense. Analyzes URLs in real-time to identify malicious websites or links used for phishing or spreading malware. This app blocks access to these URLs, protecting you from potential threats.
  • Attachment Defense. Examines email attachments for potential threats, including infected files or documents containing macros that can execute malicious code.
  • Real-Time Monitoring. Gain real-time visibility into messages and clicks across your organization's infrastructure. Monitor and analyze messages, clicks, and suspicious activities to detect and respond to potential threats.
  • Interactive Dashboards. Explore interactive dashboards that provide a holistic view of messages, clicks, and threat intelligence. Visualize data with pre-built charts, graphs, and tables to understand the trends, patterns, and anomalies.

Log types

This app uses Proofpoint TAP source to collect messages and and retrieves SIEM events through the SIEM API.

Sample log messages

Sample Message Event
"GUID": "qop94nlsUdvm1BsHU_8jdPXWYH0ZCndT",
"QID": "3qk94m8jy1-1",
"ccAddresses": [],
"cluster": "proofpointdemo_cloudadminuidemo_hosted",
"completelyRewritten": false,
"fromAddress": [
"headerFrom": "\"Rewards\" <>",
"headerReplyTo": "\"Milwaukee Power Drill\" <>",
"id": "f15d1286-a736-70c0-b7bd-488778aa6126",
"impostorScore": 0,
"malwareScore": 0,
"messageID": "<>",
"messageParts": [
"contentType": "text/plain",
"disposition": "inline",
"filename": "text.txt",
"md5": "4ab56b435fe89cbc2322eb059cd700d4",
"oContentType": "text/plain",
"sandboxStatus": null,
"sha256": "91795b99f8787aef7b9e97c2222b489b09daf7240c5c1deae4780e63ba441e07"
"contentType": "text/html",
"disposition": "inline",
"filename": "text.html",
"md5": "3affc08df13319272e5b37a533490181",
"oContentType": "text/html",
"sandboxStatus": null,
"sha256": "980d2c4a156752b2add1d75e1265d6c19f00b98cb61238ae8e0ca5fd89ffe8a1"
"messageSize": 9318,
"messageTime": "2023-05-15T04:34:07.000Z",
"modulesRun": [
"phishScore": 0,
"policyRoutes": [
"quarantineFolder": "Definite Spam",
"quarantineRule": "spam_definite",
"recipient": "",
"replyToAddress": [
"sender": "",
"senderIP": "",
"spamScore": 100,
"subject": "Milwaukee Power Drill Exclusive Rewards For You",
"threatsInfoMap": [
"campaignID": null,
"classification": "phish",
"threat": "",
"threatID": "bb56ef875eca4953661752b06304c42f1c5daa45eefbd63656cda94239b83027",
"threatStatus": "active",
"threatTime": "2023-05-24T08:46:08.000Z",
"threatType": "url",
"threatUrl": ""
"toAddresses": [
"xmailer": null
Sample Clicks Log
"GUID": "6Qpm37_BE3mFckkZEAZtUSrA8t9FyQSm",
"campaignID": "3qsaakgeb2-1",
"id": "92c0be29-ee47-72fe-c885-72e0472976d3",
"messageID": "<>",
"clickTime": "2023-05-24T08:46:40.000Z",
"recipient": "",
"sender": "",
"senderIP": "",
"clickIP": "",
"threatStatus": "active",
"classification": " ",
"threatID": "bb56ef875e7",
"threatTime": "2023-05-24T08:46:08.000Z",
"url": "",
"userAgent": "Chrome",
"threatUrl": ""

Sample Queries

Sample Message Events Query (Number of Messages)
_sourceCategory="milan_proofpoint_tap" ("MESSAGE_BLOCKED" OR "MESSAGE_DELIVERED")
| json "id","type","cluster","sender","recipient","messageParts[*].disposition","messageParts[*].sandboxStatus","messageSize","modulesRun","policyRoutes","senderIP","threatsInfoMap[*].classification","threatsInfoMap[*].threatType","threatsInfoMap[*].threatStatus","impostorScore","malwareScore","phishScore","spamScore","quarantineFolder","quarantineRule","subject" as id,type,cluster,sender,recipient,dispositions,sandboxStatuses,messageSize,modules_run,policy_route,sender_ip,threat_categories,threat_types,threat_status,impostor_score,malware_score,phish_score,spam_score,quarantine_folder,quarantine_rule,subject nodrop
| extract field=threat_status "\"?(?<status>[\w\s\-&.,]*)\"?[,\n\]]" multi
| extract field=threat_types "\"?(?<threat_type>[\w\s\-&.,]*)\"?[,\n\]]" multi
| extract field=threat_categories "\"?(?<threat_category>[\w\s\-&.,]*)\"?[,\n\]]" multi
| extract field=modules_run "\"?(?<module>[\w\s\-&.,]*)\"?[,\n\]]" multi
| extract field=policy_route "\"?(?<policy>[\w\s\-&.,]*)\"?[,\n\]]" multi
| where type matches "{{message_type}}"
| where threat_category matches "{{threat_category}}"
| where threat_type matches "{{threat_type}}"
| where status matches "{{threat_status}}"
| where module matches "{{module}}"
| where policy matches "{{policy_route}}"
| count_distinct(id)
Sample Click Events Query (Number of Clicks)
_sourceCategory="milan_proofpoint_tap" ("CLICK_PERMITTED" or "CLICK_BLOCKED")
| json "id","type","threatUrl","classification","clickIP","senderIP","sender","recipient","threatStatus" as id,type,threat_url,category,click_ip,sender_ip,sender,recipient,threat_status nodrop
| where type matches "{{click_type}}"
| where category matches "{{threat_category}}"
| where threat_status matches "{{threat_status}}"
| count_distinct(id)

Set up collection

To set up Cloud to Cloud Integration Proofpoint TAP Source for the Proofpoint TAP app, follow the instructions provided. These instructions will guide you through the process of creating a source using the Proofpoint TAP source category, which you will need to use when installing the app. By following these steps, you can ensure that your Proofpoint TAP app is properly integrated and configured to collect and analyze your Proofpoint TAP data.

Installing the Proofpoint TAP app

This section provides instructions on how to install the Proofpoint TAP app, as well as examples of each of the dashboards. The app pre-configured searches and dashboards provide easy-to-access visual insights into your data.

To install the app:

  1. From the Sumo Logic nav, select App Catalog.
  2. Search for and select your app.
  3. (Optional) To see a preview of the dashboards included with the app, scroll down to the Dashboard Preview section.
  4. If the app has multiple versions - not all apps do - select the version of the service you're using, then click Add Integration.
  5. On the next configuration page, under Select Data Source for your App, complete the following fields:
    • Data Source. Select one of the following options:
      • Choose Source Category and select a source category from the list; or
      • Choose Enter a Custom Data Filter, and enter a custom source category beginning with an underscore. For example, _sourceCategory=MyCategory.
    • Folder Name. You can retain the existing name or enter a custom name of your choice for the app.
    • All Folders (optional). Default location is the Personal folder in your Library. If desired, you can choose a different location and/or click New Folder to add it to a new folder.
  6. Click Next.
  7. You'll see a dialog confirming that the app was installed successfully.

Once an app is installed, it will appear in your Personal folder, or other folder that you specified. From here, you can share it with your organization.

Panels will start to fill automatically. It's important to note that each panel slowly fills with data matching the time range query and received since the panel was created. Results won't be available immediately, but within 20 minutes, you'll see full graphs and maps.

Viewing Proofpoint TAP dashboards

  • All dashboards have a set of filters that you can apply to the entire dashboard, as shown in the following dashboards. Click the funnel icon in the top dashboard menu bar to display a scrollable list of filters that are applied across the entire dashboard.

    You can use filters to drill down and examine the data on a granular level. Filters include client country, client device type, client IP, client request host, client request URI, client request user agent, edge response status, origin IP, and origin response status.

  • Each panel has a set of filters that are applied to the results for that panel only, as shown in the following example. Click the funnel icon in the top panel menu bar to display a list of panel-specific filters.

Messages Overview

The Proofpoint TAP - Messages Overview dashboard provides real-time analysis of delivered and blocked messages, showing trends and the most active Proofpoint protection clusters. It displays the geographic locations of senders from high-risk countries with the distribution of threats by type, category, and status. The dashboard also provides information on message disposition and sandbox status, highlights the key PPS (Proofpoint Protection Server) modules and policy routes involved in message processing, and presents details about the top senders and receivers. Additionally, it offers a summary of recent messages, giving a quick overview of email activity and any noteworthy events.

Clicks Overview

The Proofpoint TAP - Clicks Overview dashboard offers real-time analysis of malicious URLs, providing insights into the trends of the click events. It presents the distribution of threats based on their categories and statuses. Furthermore, the dashboard displays the geographic locations of malicious URL clicks originating from high-risk countries and details about the top senders and receivers of the malicious URLs. Additionally, the dashboard offers a summary of recent click events, delivering a concise overview of the malicious URL click activity and highlighting any significant events that may require attention.

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