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Manage Data Forwarding


Data forwarding is not currently supported for data assigned to the Infrequent Tier. 

View, edit, or delete a data forwarding destination

The following actions are available on the Data Forwarding page. Hover over a destination in the table and select any of the following:

  • Click the Information icon to display details about the configured destination, including the status and any indexes that are currently forwarding to the destination.
  • Click the Edit icon to make changes to the configuration.
  • Click the Delete icon to delete the destination. If the destination is currently active, you must deactivate it before it deleting it, as described in the following section.

Activate or Deactivate Data Forwarding

If you’d like to start or stop forwarding data, you can activate or deactivate the S3 bucket. 

  1. In the main Sumo Logic menu, select Manage Data > Logs > Data Forwarding.
  2. Hover over the destination and click the Edit icon.
  3. Select or deselect the Active checkbox.
  4. Click Save.

Audit logging for data forwarding

Sumo Logic logs audit events for both system and user data forwarding events. For more information, see Audit Event Index.

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