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Beta Participation Opt-In

In order to participate in Sumo Logic pre-release programs ("Betas"), you must access and opt in to the Sumo Logic beta participation terms and conditions in the Sumo Logic UI. These instructions assume that you are the Account Owner of your organization's Sumo Logic account.

  1. Go to Administration > Account in the Sumo Logic UI.
  2. Select the Beta Participation tab.
  3. Under Beta Features click Opt-in.
  4. Please read the entire agreement.
    • If you do not agree with any portion of the terms or have any questions, click Cancel and contact your Sumo Logic account representative.
    • If you agree to the terms, click the checkbox next to I accept the terms of this agreement, then click Submit.

After you accept the terms, Sumo Logic will display your name and the date and time the terms were accepted. You can review the terms and conditions at any time by clicking the View Terms link.

Once you accept the beta participation terms, you can’t undo the action. 

Accepting Sumo Logic’s beta terms does not automatically enroll you in beta programs or enable any beta features. To participate in a Sumo Logic beta, contact your Sumo Logic account representative. Once you’ve been enrolled in the beta program, Sumo Logic will enable the beta feature for your account and notify you.

If your Sumo Logic account was created on or after September 1, 2019, the beta terms are part of the service terms you accepted when your account was established. In this case, you’re not required to re-accept the terms. However, we recommend you do, as it will speed the process of getting access to a beta feature when you request it in the future.

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