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Manage Roles


This guide has information about creating and managing Sumo Logic roles. In Sumo Logic, an administrator controls access to capabilities and data by assigning capabilities and search filters to roles, and then assigning user to roles. For more information, see Role-Based Access Control.


To manage users and roles, you must have the administrator role or your role must have been assigned the manage users and roles capability.

To access the Roles page, in the main Sumo Logic menu select Administration > Users and Roles > Roles.

In this section, we'll introduce the following concepts:


Role-Based Access Control

Learn how to grant access and capabilities to data in Sumo Logic using roles.


Create and Manage Roles

Learn how to create custom roles for your users.


Role Capabilities

Learn how to assign various capabilities while creating user roles.


Construct a Search Filter for a Role

Learn how to define a search filter for a role.


Add or Remove Users from a Role

Learn how to change the default assignment of roles to users.

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