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Metrics Charts (Classic)

Classic Metrics Deprecation

This topic pertains to our Classic Metrics UI. Effective January 2024, we've deprecated Classic Metrics in favor of our newer Metrics Explorer interface. Classic Metrics will no longer be supported as of May 1, 2024. No action is required on your part.

In this section, we'll introduce the following concepts:


Create a Metrics Query and Chart

Learn how to view metrics data in Sumo Logic.


Line and Area Metrics Charts

Learn how to tailor line charts and area charts for metrics queries.


Single Value Charts

Learn how to create and tailor single value metric charts.


Interact with Metrics Charts

Learn how to interact with metric charts and use the options on the Query and Legend tabs.


Choose a Quantization Interval

Learn why we recommend changing the Quantization Interval when running a metric query.


Metrics Outliers

Learn how to identify metrics data points that are outside the range of expected values.


Add a Chart to a Dashboard

Learn how to add a metrics visualization as a panel in a dashboard.


Log Overlay

Learn how metrics visualizations can provide a clear status of your environment.

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