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Version: 1.3
Updated: Jan 16, 2024

Using the integration with EC2, you can enrich incidents with specific EC2 data, create and delete snapshots, work with elastic addresses and instances, and manipulate security groups.


  • Describe Regions (Enrichment) - Describes the Regions that are enabled for an account, or all Regions.
  • Describe Instances (Enrichment) - Describes the specified instances or all of AWS account's instances.
  • Describe Addresses (Enrichment) - Describes the specified Elastic IP addresses or all Elastic IP addresses.
  • Describe Volumes (Enrichment) - Describes the specified EBS volumes or all EBS volumes.
  • Describe Key Pairs (Enrichment) - Describes the specified key pairs or all key pairs.
  • Describe VPCs (Enrichment) - Describes one or more VPCs.
  • Describe Subnets (Enrichment) - Describes one or more subnets.
  • Describe Security Groups (Enrichment) - Describes the specified security groups or all security groups.
  • Describe Snapshots (Enrichment) - Describes a specified EBS snapshots or all of the EBS snapshots available.
  • Get Password Data (Enrichment) - Retrieves the encrypted administrator password for a running Windows instance.
  • Create Snapshot (Containment) - Creates a new snapshot.
  • Delete Snapshot (Containment) - Deletes an existing snapshot.
  • Disassociate Address (Containment) - Disassociates an Elastic IP address from an instance or network interface it's associated with.
  • Release Address (Containment) - Releases the specified Elastic IP address.
  • Start Instance (Containment) - Start an instance.
  • Stop Instance (Containment) - Stop an instance.
  • Terminate Instance (Containment) - Terminate an instance.
  • Delete Security Group (Containment) - Delete a security group.
  • Monitor Instance (Containment) - Monitor a specific instance.
  • Unmonitor Instances (Containment) - Discontinue monitoring of a specified instances.
  • Reboot Instances (Containment) - Reboot instances.
  • Authorize Security Group Ingress Rule (Containment) - Adds the specified ingress rules to a security group.
  • Revoke Security Group Ingress Rule (Containment) - Removes the specified ingress rules from a security group.

Supported Versions

  • October 2019

External Libraries

Change Log

  • October 9, 2019 - First upload
  • March 10, 2022 - Logo
  • June 15, 2023 (v1.2) - Updated the integration with Environmental Variables
  • January 16, 2024 (v1.3)
    • Updated action: Stop Instance (Resolved bug related to checkbox fields)
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