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Version: 1.0
Updated: April 18, 2024

AWS EKS streamlines Kubernetes application deployment, ensuring scalability and security with minimal management overhead. This integration provides comprehensive Kubernetes cluster insights, node and pod management, volume tracking, and configuration updates.

  • Describe Cluster (Enrichment) - Describes an Amazon EKS cluster.
  • List Clusters (Enrichment) - Lists the Amazon EKS clusters in your AWS account in the specified AWS Region.
  • List Insights (Enrichment) - Returns a list of all insights checked for against the specified cluster.
  • List Nodes (Enrichment) - Returns a list of all Nodes.
  • List Persistent Volumes (Enrichment) - Returns a list of Persistent Volumes.
  • List Pods (Enrichment) - Returns a list of Pods for all namespaces.
  • Read Namespaced Pod Status (Enrichment) - Read the status of the specified Pod.
  • Read Node Status (Enrichment) - Read the status of the specified Node.
  • Update Cluster Config (Containment) - Updates an Amazon EKS cluster configuration.

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Change Log

  • April 18, 2024 (v1.0) - First upload
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