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Version: 1.0
Updated: April 19, 2024

AWS WAF is a web application firewall that helps protect web applications from attacks by allowing you to configure rules that allow, block, or monitor (count) web requests based on conditions that you define.


  • Create IP Set (Containment) - Creates an IPSet, used to identify web requests that originate from specific IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses.
  • Create Regex Pattern Set (Containment) - Creates a RegexPatternSet, which you reference in a RegexPatternSetReferenceStatement, to have AWS WAF inspect a web request component for the specified patterns.
  • Create Rule Group (Containment) - Creates a RuleGroup per the specifications provided.
  • Delete IP Set (Containment) - Deletes the specified IPSet.
  • Delete Regex Pattern Set (Containment) - Deletes the specified RegexPatternSet.
  • Delete Rule Group (Containment) - Deletes the specified RuleGroup.
  • Get IP Set (Enrichment) - Retrieves the specified IPSet.
  • Get Managed Rule Set (Enrichment) - Retrieves the specified managed rule set.
  • Get Rule Group (Enrichment) - Retrieves the specified RuleGroup.
  • Get Web ACL (Enrichment) - Retrieves the specified WebACL.
  • List Available Managed Rule Groups (Enrichment) - Retrieves a list of managed rule groups that are available for you to use.
  • List IP Sets (Enrichment) - Retrieves a list of IPSetSummary objects for the IP sets that you manage.
  • List Managed Rule Sets (Enrichment) - Retrieves the managed rule sets that you own.
  • List Regex Pattern Sets (Enrichment) - Retrieves a list of RegexPatternSetSummary objects for the regex pattern sets that you manage.
  • List Resources for Web ACLs (Enrichment) - Retrieves a list of the Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) for the regional resources that are associated with the specified web ACL.
  • List Rule Groups (Enrichment) - Retrieves a list of RuleGroupSummary objects for the rule groups that you manage.
  • List Web ACLs (Enrichment) - Retrieves a list of WebACLSummary objects for the web ACLs that you manage.

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