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Version: 1.0
Updated: April 4, 2024

Druva is a service designed primarily to respond to ransomware attacks, identified by detecting anomalies and suspicious behavior for data protected across data sources including data centers and endpoints.


  • Delete Quarantine Range (Containment) - Deletes the quarantine range for an infected resource. When you delete a quarantine range, all the snapshots on the resource are again available for restore and download.
  • Delete Snapshot (Containment) - Delete an infected snapshot using the snapshot ID.
  • List Devices (Enrichment) - Returns information about all the user devices protected using Druva inSync.
  • List Profiles (Enrichment) - Returns a list of all the profiles configured in Druva inSync.
  • Lists Quarantine Ranges (Enrichment) - Returns the list of all the defined quarantined ranges for resources along with their details.
  • List Snapshots (Enrichment) - Lists all the quarantined snapshots within a specified range on the resource.
  • List Users (Enrichment) - Returns the list of users in Druva inSync with their details.
  • Quarantine Snapshots Resource (Containment) - Quarantine all snapshots, or snapshots within a date range on a resource. Users and administrators cannot restore or download data from the quarantined snapshots.

Change Log

  • April 4, 2024 - First upload
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