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Search Basics

Sumo Logic search syntax uses logical and familiar operators allowing you to create ad hoc queries quickly and efficiently.

In this section, we'll introduce the following concepts:


About Search Basics

Sumo Logic search syntax, based on a funnel concept, uses logical and familiar operators allowing you to create queries quickly.


Built-in Metadata

Metadata tags are attached to your log messages at ingest, which is quite useful when you're searching log data.


Chart Search Results

In the Aggregates tab, you can view search results as a chart, such as a bar or column chart.


Comments in Search Queries

Learn how to add comments to a search query and comment out lines for notes.


Export Search Results

Up to 100,000 rows can be exported as a CSV text file.


Pause or Cancel a Search

When a search is in progress, the options to Cancel or Pause the search appear.


Quick Search for Collectors and Sources

Quickly start a search for a Collector, Source, or Source Category from the Manage Collection page.


Reference a Field with Special Characters

Reference a field name that contains a special character.


Save a Search

Save your favorite searches to run them again later.


Search Autocomplete

The search autocomplete dropdown dialog offers suggestions to make query writing easier.


Search Large Messages

Learn how to search large log messages, which Sumo Logic slices into smaller message chunks.


Search Surrounding Messages

Investigate events surrounding a message in your MessagesĀ list.


Share a Link to a Search

Learn how to share a link to search query results via email or IM.


Time Range Expressions

Learn how to add a time range expression in the time range field when building a search query.


View Search Results for JSON Logs

If your search results contain JSON logs, you can show or hide JSON format from the Messages tab.


View Traces Search Results

Open and review traces from search log results.

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