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Pause or Cancel a Search

You can pause or cancel a search when it is in progress. Most users want to cancel a search in progress that is taking too long. You can stop the search and improve your query. You can also pause a search and check timestamps to see what data has been searched so far.

Once you have started your log search the search page will change to provide the options to pause or cancel a search.

pause and cancel

Search always retrieves and displays messages in reverse chronological order. Results are found walking backward in time from your most current data and progressing through older data. So, if you pause a search, you can check the timestamps for the messages in the Messages tab. If you reverse the sort order of the messages so that the oldest message is at the top, then all messages with more recent timestamps have been retrieved and processed.

You can resume a paused search; just click Resume under the Start button.

When you cancel a search, you are stopping all progress on the current search and removing all results. Your query remains in the search query field.

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