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Reference a Field with Special Characters

The Sumo Logic query language allows alphanumeric characters and underscores for field names, with the exception of starting a field name with a number. In cases where a field name contains special characters, you need to escape the field name by using the following syntax when calling the field in the query:


For example:

| keyvalue regex " ([A-Z_-]+?)='([^']+?)'" keys "TYPE", "CHANNEL", "DOCUMENT-URI"
| count by %"document-uri"

You can create a field with the as operator.


You do not need to escape field names that:

  • have characters matching a-zA-Z0-9_.
  • do not begin with a number or . (dot)
  • do not have more than one . (dot) together

Escaping field names with the syntax %"<field_name>" is a safe practice when using special characters. You will need to escape any quote characters " with a backslash \ to use them in the field name when referencing a field with special characters.

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