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contains Search Operator

The contains operator compares string values of two parsed fields and returns a boolean result based on whether the second field's value exists in the first.


contains(<field1>, <field2>) as <field>
<field1> contains <field2> as <field>
| where <field1> contains <field2>
| where contains(<field1>, <field2>)


  • Requires field values to be strings. You may cast values if needed.
  • The full string of field2 must exist within field1.
  • Comparison is case-sensitive.
  • Returns true when the value from field2 was found and false when the value was not found in field1.
  • Returns true if field1 and field2 are empty, and false when only one is empty.


Given the following example log:

instance of alertNotification{ EventIdentifier = 100; Address = 123 Main Street, San Francisco, California; City = San Francisco; State = CA;}

Parsing the log so the fields are city with the value "San Francisco" and address with the value "123 Main Street, San Francisco, California" you'd use the contains operator to return the log if the value of city is found in the value of address.

| where contains(address, city)
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