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num Search Operator

The num operator converts a field to a double value (64-bit IEEE 754 double-precision floating-point number), which is twice as accurate as a float value (32-bit IEEE 754 single-precision floating-point number). Using num in a query can be useful for sorting results by number instead of alphabetically, which is the default.


num(<field>) [as <field>]


  • The value of the field must be a negative/positive integer or a real number. For example, 500, 123234820932, or 352.748.


Use this query to use num to search for Scheduled Searches, and sort them by the time it took each search to execute in seconds. Without the conversion, the results would be sorted in alphabetical order.

_sourceCategory=concierge completed execution
| parse "Execution duration: * s" as duration
| num(duration) | sort by duration

This query produces results like this:


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