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Using the Sumo Logic Collection UI


This page provides an overview of the Sumo Logic Collection page UI, where you can manage all of your Collectors and Sources. To access the Collection page, go to Manage Data > Collection > Collection.
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You'll need the Manage or View Collectors role capability to manage or view Collection.

Collection Page Features

Collector Actions

Source Actions

View Information about Collectors and Sources

  • Name. Displays the name of the Collector, and any Sources that are configured under it. It also displays the type of Source (HTTP, Local File, Local Windows Event Log, etc.)
    • Open in Search. Hover over the Name of the Collector or Source and click the Open in Search icon to start a search in the Search page.
    • Tooltip. Hover over a Collector or Source name to display an informational tool tip. The Collector's version is provided in the tooltip.
      Collector version in tooltip.png
  • Health. Shows color-coded healthy, error, and warning states for Collectors and Sources so you can quickly determine the health of your Collectors and Sources. If an Installed Collector appears offline try restarting the service and testing connectivity.
  • Type. Displays whether the Collector is an Installed or Hosted Collector.
  • Status. Shows the status of Sources manually paused by users.
  • Source Category. Displays the name of the configured Source Category for this Collector or Source.
  • Sources. Displays the number of Sources configured under a Collector.
  • Last Hour. Displays a graph of the total number of log messages ingested per minute over the past hour.
  • Messages. Displays the total number of log messages ingested over the past hour.

Guide contents

In this section, we'll introduce the following concepts:

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