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Force a Collector's Name with Clobber

Each collector name must be unique. If you are installing a collector that would have the same name as an existing collector, the system automatically appends a 13-digit unix timestamp to the collector name. If you do not want to use the timestamp in a collector name, you can do either of the following:

  • Specify a unique name for the collector. You can do so during installation, or by editing the collector configuration following installation. In Sumo Logic, on the Collection page click Edit for the Collector.
  • During installation, use the clobber option described in this topic to replace the existing collector with the one that you are installing. 

Using the clobber flag deletes (clobbers) any existing collector with the same name, so make sure that is what you want to do. clobber is effective only before the new collector has been registered (activated) with Sumo Logic.

(Using Quiet Mode installation) To set the clobber flag via command line argument:

  1. When starting the installer from the command line, pass the argument:

  2. Install the collector.

  3. Verify that the generated file (under the config directory) contains the property clobber=true.

(Using the Binary Package) To set the clobber flag via or sumo.conf file:

  1. Create the configuration file.

    • (Collector version 19.137 and newer) Create and edit the file (in the config directory of your Collector installation).
    • (Collector version 19.127 and older) Create and edit the sumo.conf (in the /etc/sumo.conf directory on Mac or Linux; in the C:\sumo  directory on Windows).
  2. Type clobber=true in the file, then save and close it.

  3. Start the collector.

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