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Set the Run As User for a Collector

By default, the Collector runs as the root user (Administrator on Windows). If you're using the command line installer to install a Collector, you can specify the-VrunAs.username=[username] and -VwinRunAs.password=[password] parameters to change the Run As user. See Parameters for the Command Line Installer for a full list of supported parameters.

If you're using the RPM/Debian or binary package to install the Collector, or would like to change the Run As user after installation, follow this procedure to change the Run As user. 

  1. Change the Collector installation directory owner to the desired user name.

    sudo chown -R username /opt/SumoCollector
  2. Navigate to the Collector installation directory.

    cd /opt/SumoCollector
  3. Remove the Collector service, which was installed under the root user.

    sudo ./collector remove
  4. Set the Collector RUN_AS_USER in the collector executable to the desired user name.

    sed -i "s:#RUN_AS_USER=:RUN_AS_USER=username:" collector
  5. Install the Collector service.

    sudo ./collector install
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