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New SaaS Apps (Apps)

We've released several new SaaS apps for Sumo Logic:

New - Airtable monitors and analyzes your organization's Airtable audit logs.

New - Armis provides visibility into Armis alerts and device data, making it easier to monitor and manage your device security.

New - Cisco Umbrella provides analytics and insights into your Cisco Umbrella DNS, Proxy, and Admin activity.

New - Citrix Cloud monitors and analyzes configuration changes and actions that may have impacted your environment and account administrators.

New - DocuSign monitors and secures your DocuSign account by providing real-time insights into critical events, alerts, and user activity.

New - Dropbox monitors and analyzes Dropbox usage data for your organization, offering insight into user activity, file access, sharing, and collaboration.

New - KnowBe4 monitors and analyzes KnowBe4 Phishing Security logs.

New - Microsoft Graph Identity Protection provides organizations with advanced security monitors and analytics capabilities for their Microsoft Graph Identity Protection data.

New - Miro provides visibility into Miro audit logs to ensure the security and compliance of your Miro environment.

New - SentinelOne monitors and analyzes data from your SentinelOne Threats and Agents logs.

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