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Sankey Charts, Box Plot Charts, and Connection Maps (Dashboards)

We're excited to announce the release of several new features in the Dashboards (New):

  • Sankey Chart. Our new Sankey diagram feature, which you can find under the Categorical panel type, is built using the fromstate and tostate fields in your query. The Sankey diagram helps you understand the flow of the log events within a distributed system. The width of an arrow or stripe in the Sankey diagram shows the proportion of a quantity.
  • Connection Map. Our new Connection Map feature, which you can find under the Map panel type, provides visibility into the geographic origins of threats and their target points. By hovering over each line, you can find the threat name, latitude/longitude details of threat origin, and latitude/longitude details of threat target point.
  • Box Plot Charts. Our new Box Plot Charts feature, which you can find under the Time Series and Categorical panel type, graphically depicts groups of data using quartiles and is built by including _min, _pct_25, _pct_50, _pct_75, and _max in your query.
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