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Enhanced Heatmap with Custom Dimensions on Y-Axis (Metrics)

We've enhanced the Heatmap functionality with the addition of custom dimensions on the Y-Axis. This feature enables you to gain deeper insights into your data by visualizing the frequency of occurrences for specific categories within a selected time range.

Using the Dimensional Heatmap, you can now not only see the number of errors that occurred within a chosen time range (as with the regular Heatmap) but also effortlessly identify the specific categories, such as cluster/cpu/collector/sourceCategory, where these errors occurred most frequently.

Configure Dimension Heatmap

To enable the Dimensional Heatmap with Categories on the Y-Axis, follow these steps:

  1. Run a metrics query or logs query with the transpose operator.icon
  2. Change the Y-Axis Source to Dimension.
  3. A new field, Dimension will appear. Select the desired dimension from the list to be used as the source for the Y-Axis.icon
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