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Display Summary Statistics in Legend (Metrics)

We've updated the legend statistics to improve your experience with chart legends and chart tooltips in Time Series visualizations. It lets you visualize aggregate data for your time series. You can simply navigate to the Legend section in the Settings panel on the right-hand side and choose the desired options from the Display values menu.


Enhancements & Updates

Added aggregation statistics options

When it comes to selecting the statistics you want to display, you have a variety of options to choose from. Here is the list of available aggregation statistics.

  1. Latest (default). Shows the most recent value.
  2. Average. Displays the average value.
  3. Min(default. Shows the minimum value.
  4. Max(default). Displays the maximum value.
  5. Sum. Shows the total sum of values.
  6. Count. Displays the count of data points.

By default, when you create a panel in the Metrics view, a default selection of statistics is applied. However, if you are creating a panel in the Dashboard view, no default selection will be applied.

Added display options and sorting functionality

Display Format

Now, you have two display formats to choose from: List and Table. Let's take a closer look at how they work.

  • List View. The statistics are displayed in bold text right after the time series name, giving you a clear and concise overview of your data.legend-stats.png
  • Table View. The statistics are displayed in separate columns for a structured representation. table-view.png

Default Format

  • When creating a panel in the Metrics view, the default format is Table.
  • For panels in the Dashboard view, the default format is List.


  • To enhance readability, statistics values are rounded to 2 significant digits.

  • If you need access to the exact unrounded values, you can find them in the tooltips.


Sorting your data is now easier than ever.

  • In List View, time series are sorted based on their names.
  • In Table View, the default sorting is based on time series names.

Additionally, Table View allows sorting based on statistics. To sort, click on a statistic title in the table header.

  • One click to enable ascending order.
  • Two clicks to enable descending order.
  • Three clicks to disable sorting.
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