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Cisco Meraki - C2C (Apps)

We're excited to announce the release of the new Cisco Meraki - C2C app for Sumo Logic. This app uses the Sumo Logic Cloud-to-Cloud Cisco Meraki source and helps you to effectively manage and optimize your network performance, enhance security, and proactively respond to potential threats. Here are some of the key features that this app offers:

  • Comprehensive Organization Insights. Gain valuable insights into your organizational configuration and operations, including API adoption, configuration template usage, and product distribution.
  • Event Analysis and Trend Identification. Analyze your network events based on type, client associations, and SSIDs. You can identify event patterns and trends to understand network activity and potential security risks.
  • Client and SSID Monitoring. Monitor your client activity and their association with specific SSIDs to keep track of your client's behaviour and network usage for effective management.
  • Air Marshal Security Overview. Provides wireless intrusion detection and prevention by monitoring your security status and identifying potential vulnerabilities in the network.
  • Enhanced Security Measures. Prioritize your security efforts by identifying top clients and destinations based on security events and take proactive steps to protect the network and mitigate potential threats.

Check out our technical documentation here to learn how you can set up and use the Cisco Meraki - C2C app for Sumo Logic.

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