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Enhancements to rate and delta Operators (Metrics)

We've added the following enhancements to the rate and delta operators, elevating the capabilities for analyzing metrics in time series data.

  • Enhanced support to calculate the rate of change. The rate operator now offers two different modes for calculating the rate of change between data points.

    • Regular rate mode. Calculates the rate of change between consecutive data points. It divides the difference in values by the difference in timestamps (in milliseconds) and scales it up to a per-second rate.
    • Rate Over mode. Allows you to calculate the average rate of change over a specified time window. It considers the first and last metric values within the given interval, providing insights into metric trends and fluctuations over time.
  • Support for Counters. Both the rate and delta operators now support a dedicated counter mode when working with counters. This counter mode accounts for counter resets and ensures that the operators always return non-negative values.

    • In the rate operator, use the rate counter syntax to calculate the increase in counter value between data points, considering counter resets.
    • In the delta operator, use the delta counter syntax to determine the difference in counter values between consecutive data points, accounting for counter resets.

Leverage the new features in the rate and delta operators to make data-driven decisions and gain a detailed understanding of your metrics. Learn more about rate and delta operators.

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