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Download Visualization as Images and CSV (Metrics, Dashboards)

We've enhanced the flexibility and usability of Metrics and Dashboards with our latest update. You now have the ability to download visualization as images (PNG files) or CSV files, allowing you to copy them to the clipboard as CSV or download CSV files (available only for table visualization).

Image Downloads. Download visualization as PNG images directly from the Metrics and Dashboards interface. This feature is available for all types of visualizations, including metric queries, log queries, and spans queries on both the Dashboard and Spans tabs.

CSV Downloads(Table Visualizations Only). Extract the underlying data from the table visualization and download it as CSV files.

Supported Visualization. The new download options apply to a wide range of visualization available within Metrics and Dashboards, including:

  • Time Series. Visualize trends and patterns over time with detailed time series charts.
  • Categorical/Distribution. Explore categorical and distribution data using bar charts, pie charts, histograms, and more.
  • Single Value. For single-value visualization, such as key performance indicators (KPIs) or summary statistics, you can now easily download them as images, ensuring the data is readily accessible for presentations or reports.
  • Honeycombs. Download honeycomb visualization as images or CSV files.

Currently, you can download PNG files for all visualizations except maps, and CSV files are available only for table visualizations. However, in the upcoming releases, CSV download functionality will be extended to cover all types of visualizations.

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