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New Security Apps and Connectors - July 2023 (Apps)

At Sumo Logic, we are committed to continuously providing our customers with new and updated applications and integrations to allow for easy and accessible data collection and powerful visualization from various sources, no matter where it is.

Over the past quarter, the Sumo Logic team has been hard at work crafting cloud-to-cloud connectors for sources including a generic Google BigQuery cloud-to-cloud connector that enables you to set up an incremental pull to bring any data in BigQuery into Sumo Logic. For instance, this is now the standard for ingesting Gmail logs. The team has also created applications to further help customers better analyze data from tools such as Cisco Meraki.

With a total of 13 new cloud-to-cloud connectors and 14 new security apps, providing out-of-the-box queries and visualizations, Sumo Logic helps users gain the most insight out of their data.

Here’s the complete list of all new cloud-to-cloud connectors from this past quarter:

And here is the list of new security apps added to the catalog:

Did you know Sumo Logic has an active community of users generating new content as well? In case you missed it, the Sumo Logic Community Ecosystem, which launched in February, is the perfect conduit for security practitioners to share and rate open-source applications. Below is the current list of content from the Community Ecosystem:

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