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Log Level Detection and Insights

When performing Log Search queries, you can visualize and filter log-level distribution in your Histogram results and Messages table view, helping you to:

  • Quickly identify anomalies
  • Drill down quickly into high severity logs
  • Navigate through a large volume of logs
  • Filter the relevant logs in their troubleshooting workflows

Watch the following micro lesson to learn about log level detection.

What are log levels?

Sumo Logic detects five log levels out of the box: FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO, and DEBUG. If we're unable to find one of these log levels in a message, it is categorized under the OTHERS bucket.

Log-Level pattern detection is automatic, meaning you do not need to parse log levels manually or write specific queries to see your distribution of error logs. Just execute a log search, and you'll see:

AHistogram with stacked bars representing log level distribution over your search timeframe.
BInteractive Histogram legend showing the log level that each color represents. Click on any label to isolate it in the Histogram and corresponding messages beneath that. To select multiple log levels, use shift + click. In the following example, the ERROR and INFO label have been selected, so you'll see only error and info logs reflected.
CField Browser _loglevel filter. You can use this reserved field in your queries to perform advanced operations.
DLog level for this log message. Quickly identify the log level of each log message using the color-coded Histogram legend for each message.
EDistribution of log levels under _loglevel field in the field browser.
FHide Log Levels. Click this to hide log levels from the Histogram chart, however, the _loglevel field will still show in the Messages table, however, log level color coding from individual messages will be removed. To enable it again, just click Show Log Levels.

The _loglevel field value for log messages with the log level "" in the Histogram is null. To query these messages, you can run:

| where isNull(_loglevel)

The log level of a log line is stored under the _loglevel field. You can override its value using a field extraction rule (FER). For example:

Add field extraction rule

Log level detection is for qualitative purposes only and will not be perfect. So it is not recommended to use the _loglevel field for routing data to different data tiers based on its value.

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