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February 23, 2024 - Content Release

This content release includes modifications and additions to Citrix Cloud C2C to handle additional event types and bring existing event mapping into line with new events, support for Code42 Incydr via C2C, Abnormal Security via C2C, and JumpCloud Directory Insights via C2C.

Log Mappers

  • [Deleted] Citrix Cloud Client
    • This mapping is replaced by new mappers for Citrix Cloud below
  • [New] Abnormal Security Threats
  • [New] Citrix Cloud Operation Logs
  • [New] Citrix Cloud System Logs
  • [New] Code42 Incydr Alerts C2C
  • [New] Code42 Incydr Audits C2C
  • [New] Code42 Incydr FileEvents C2C
  • [New] JumpCloud Directory Insights - Admin Logon
  • [New] JumpCloud Directory Insights - Catch All


  • [New] /Parsers/System/Abnormal Security/Abnormal Security
  • [New] /Parsers/System/Code42/Code42 Incydr
  • [New] /Parsers/System/JumpCloud/JumpCloud Directory Insights
  • [Updated] /Parsers/System/Citrix/Citrix Cloud C2C
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