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March 22, 2024 - Application Update

Minor changes and enhancements

  • Two enhancements have been implemented for the MITRE ATT&CK® Threat Coverage Explorer:
    • The current tactic, technique and sub-technique metrics for the (default) Theoretical and Historical views are now written to the sumologic_system_events audit logs daily. This data can be used in dashboards to track coverage and events over time.
    • It is now possible, using the /mitre-attack/json endpoint, to extract the MITRE Explorer-formatted JSON via API. (This works the same as the Export button in the UI.)
  • On the Insight details page, on the Entities tab, the default view is now the Graph view instead of the List view.
  • Threat reputation icons/labels are now visible in a number of additional places throughout the UI. These can be set via enrichment.

Bug fixes

  • In some cases, events that are supposed to occur automatically after an Insight is opened were not executing, or were severely delayed.
  • If an Insight comment included a long URL, text wrapping was not behaving correctly and some text was being clipped from view. Also, newline characters were not always being honored properly in comments.
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