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Metric Ingestion and Storage

This page has information about how Sumo Logic stores raw and rolled up metrics data.

Metric ingestion

Sumo Logic stores metrics data points with timestamps that are within a window of -24 hours through +24 hours compared to the current time. Metrics data points with a timestamp outside this window will not be stored.

Metric retention

Metrics data is stored in Sumo Logic as raw data points and one-hour resolution roll-ups. The data is retained according to the following retention policy:

Data Type RetainedRetention Period
Raw30 days
1-hour resolution13 months

For historical 1-hour rollups Sumo Logic calculates the max, min, avg, sum, and count values for a metric per hour.

Understanding raw and rolled up metrics data

Assume a metric is reported at 1-minute intervals, with time:value pairs like this:

12:00:00: 0
12:01:00: 1
12:02:00: 2

12:59:00: 59
13:00:00: 60
13:01:00: 61
13:02:00: 62

13:59:00: 119

Over the course of an hour, 60 raw values are collected, one value per minute. Sumo Logic retains the raw data points for 30 days.

Sumo Logic creates hourly rollups from the raw data point. The rollups look like this:

12:00:00: {count=60, min=0, max=59, sum=1770, avg=29.5}
13:00:00: {count=60, min=60, max=119, sum=5370, avg=89.5}

30 days after collection of raw metric data, you can only access the hourly rollups. This means you’ll be able to see the value of a statistic (count, min, max, sum, or avg) in particular hours but not in particular minutes (because the more granular data won’t be available anymore).

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