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February 27, 2024 - Content Release

This release contains several updates, including the introduction of new actions and the resolution of some issues.


  • [Updated] Lacework
    • New actions
      • Get Alert Details
      • Search Alerts
    • Fixed endpoint in Close Alert action
  • [Updated] Darktrace
    • Resolved bug related to integration resource
  • [Updated] IP Quality Score
    • New actions
      • Email Reputation
      • URL Reputation
    • Renamed action from "Get Credit Usage API" to "Get Credit Usage"
    • Refined labels and hints
    • Extended output mapping with examples
  • [Updated] OneTrust
    • New action: Create Organization
  • [Updated] Sumo Logic CSE
    • Fixed issue in the "Add Comment To Insight" action where line breaks in the "Insight Comment" field were removed upon submission
  • [Updated] AWS IAM
    • New action: Get Access Key Last Used
    • Fixed bug in some actions
  • [Updated] Incident Tools
    • Fixed Typo
  • [Updated] Atlassian Jira
    • Enhanced "Create Issue" and "Update Issue" actions to support Jira custom fields
  • [Updated] Screenshot Machine
    • Screenshot Webpage Action: Updated with new Cloud SOAR API
  • [Updated] Chronicle
    • New actions:
      • Get Event
      • Get Events
      • Get Log
      • List Alerts
      • UDM Search
    • Fixed a bug related to the PageSize field in the List Alerts action
    • Updated Alerts Daemon Chronicle
      • Fixed a bug related to Last execution time
      • Updated Output mappings
  • [Updated] Zscaler
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some actions from being executed
  • [Updated] Mail Tools
    • Updated Analyze MSG EML action with new Cloud SOAR API
  • [Updated] Recorded Future
    • Refactored Recorded Future Alerts Daemon
    • Refactored Vulnerability Search Daemon
    • Enabled Incident Artifacts feature flag for Get Alert Details action
  • [Updated] GreyNoise
    • New action: Context IP Lookup Community
    • Other minor fixes
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