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June 5, 2024 - Application Update

Changes and Enhancements

Cloud SOAR

  • Incident list: Restored all bulk operations for select all option.

Bug fixes

  • Playbooks:
    • Fixed start node configuration issue.
    • Fixed Input values not displayed correctly in Condition node.
    • Fixed issue related to send email action when cc field is not populated.
    • Fixed issue related to "Playbooks suddenly failing because of missing parameters".
    • Fixed issue with unsupported special characters.
  • Integrations:
    • Fixed issue related to Internal Integration and output edit.
    • Fixed issue related to Join and unique operator.
  • Entities: Fixed table loading issue.
  • Fixed issue related to trigger action, when APIs are involved.

Cloud SOAR

  • SecOps: Fixed issue when filtering cards with large number of Incidents or Triage events.
  • Incidents:
    • Fixed closing note permission.
    • Fixed issue with old SOAR Incidents not loading.
    • Fixed issue related to mandatory Incident closing note.
  • Fixed issue with Trigger action Incident Close.
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