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Cloud SIEM Rules

This guide has information about Cloud SIEM rules, including how to write rules, rules syntax, and Cloud SIEM built-in rules.

In this section, we'll introduce the following concepts:

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About Cloud SIEM Rules

Learn about Cloud SIEM rules, rules syntax, and how to write rules.

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Before You Write a Custom Rule

Learn how to plan a custom rule and prototype rule expressions.

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Rules Syntax

Learn about the functions you can use when writing Cloud SIEM Rules.

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Match Rule

Learn how to write a match rule.

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Chain Rule

Learn how to write a chain rule.

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Aggregation Rule

Learn how to write an Aggregation rule.

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Threshold Rule

Learn how to write a Threshold rule.

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First Seen Rule

Learn how to write a First Seen rule.

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Outlier Rule

Learn how to write an Outlier rule.

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Built-In Rules

Look at the various page lists and Cloud SIEM's built-in rules.

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Import YARA Rules

Learn how to import YARA rules from GitHub into Cloud SIEM.

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Normalized Authentication Rules

Detect activities that compromise accounts using authentication logs.

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Normalized Threat Rules

Learn about Cloud SIEM’s built-in normalized threat rules.

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Rule Tuning

Learn how to create and use tuning expressions for rules.

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Tailor a Global Rule

Learn how to tailor global (built-in) rules in Cloud SIEM.

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Insight Trainer

Learn how to adjust rules to improve Insight generation.

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