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Introducing Sumo Logic Flex Licensing Offering Unlimited Log Data Ingest

We're excited to introduce Sumo Logic Flex Licensing, revolutionizing log analytics pricing for technical teams by eliminating data tiers and aligning the value of log data with generated insights. This groundbreaking solution offers an efficient, centralized log analytics framework capable of managing enterprise-wide cloud-scale log ingestion seamlessly.

Flex pricing offers free, unlimited log ingest. This innovative model is designed to empower developer, security, and operations teams to capture and analyze critical data across their enterprises without worrying about cost barriers.

Consolidating all data streams into a single platform with unlimited user access fosters seamless collaboration across organizations. As log data ingestion increases, analytics and ML/AI insights sharpen, empowering DevOps and DevSecOps teams to troubleshoot faster and ensure reliable, secure digital experiences.

In an era of exponential data growth, the challenges posed by vast volumes of structured and unstructured data, including siloed information and security gaps, hinder organizations in harnessing essential business insights. Flex addresses these complexities, enabling organizations to scale AI/ML initiatives and deliver dependable digital experiences.

Key features

  • Flexible pricing. Insights and analytics volume dictate pricing, not data ingestion.
  • Efficient log management. Seamlessly manage enterprise-wide cloud-scale log ingestion without cost concerns.
  • Centralized platform. Consolidate data streams from multiple sources into one platform.
  • Unlimited user access. Foster seamless collaboration across your organization.
  • Sharper analytics. ML/AI-driven insights improve as log data ingestion increases.
  • Empowered DevOps and DevSecOps. Troubleshoot faster, accelerate release velocity, and ensure reliable, secure digital experiences.

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