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Introducing Our New and Enhanced Sumo Logic UI - Beta

We're excited to announce the availability of the Closed Beta version of our updated Sumo Logic User Interface (UI). This release brings several enhancements aimed at improving your overall experience:

  • Unified Navigation. Seamlessly access all Observability features (e.g., Alerts, Log Search, APM, Metrics) alongside Security features (e.g., Cloud SIEM, Cloud SOAR) from a single, unified left-navigation menu. This is a significant improvement over our legacy Classic UI, where users had to navigate away from Sumo Logic when using Cloud SIEM or SOAR.
  • Streamlined Administration. Administrative functions, Data Configuration, Help, and User Preferences have been relocated to the top toolbar menu for simplified access.
  • Enhanced Browsing Experience. Now, instead of in-app tabs, you can utilize native browser tabs for a more familiar browsing experience, complete with session history, the back button, favorites, and other native browser capabilities.
  • Improved Performance. With a simplified UI, you'll experience accelerated performance, enhanced usability, and a consistently smooth browsing experience, empowering you to troubleshoot incidents faster. We've achieved significant improvements in two primary metrics:
    • First Contentful Paint (FCP). ~90% improvement (synthetic), 75% improvement (RUM).
    • Time to Interactivity (TTI). ~27% improvement (synthetic), 50% improvement (RUM).
  • Stateful URLs. URLs now reflect real-time changes. Any modifications you make within the UI are instantly reflected in the URL parameters, ensuring effortless sharing of the most up-to-date content with collaborators.

To explore these improvements, reach out to your Sumo Logic sales representative for access to the Closed Beta. We look forward to your feedback as we continue to refine our UI.

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