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Deprecation Notice - Real-Time Scheduled Searches (Alerts)

As part of our ongoing evaluation of the Sumo Logic service, we have decided to deprecate Real-Time Scheduled Searches. In particular, we will remove the option to create new Real-Time Scheduled Searches on May 15, 2024. Existing Real-Time Scheduled Searches will continue to function until May 15, 2025. We believe many use cases for Real-Time Scheduled Searches can be met by Monitors. Any remaining use cases can be met by executing these searches at 15m intervals.

In 2020, Sumo Logic released Monitors, which provided a new framework to trigger alerts on both metrics and log data in real time and send notifications. Real-Time Scheduled Searches provided a much more limited version of this functionality. Monitors will continue to be the focus area for our Product and Engineering Teams for features and enhancements regarding alerting.

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