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Rapid7 Nexpose


Version: 1.1
Updated: Jul 07, 2023

Utilize and interact with Rapid7 Nexpose scan data during incident investigation


  • Get Assets (Enrichment) - Returns all assets for which you have access.
  • Post Asset Search (Enrichment) - Returns all assets for which you have access that match the given search criteria.
  • Post Asset Groups (Enrichment) - Creates a new asset group.
  • Get Asset Groups (Enrichment) - Returns all asset groups.
  • Get Scans (Enrichment) - Returns all scans.
  • List Vulnerabilities (Enrichment) - Returns all vulnerabilities that can be assessed during a scan.
  • Get Vulnerability (Enrichment) - Returns the details for a vulnerability.
  • Get Sites (Enrichment) - Retrieves a paged resource of accessible sites.
  • Get Report Template (Enrichment) - Returns the details of a report template.
  • Delete Asset Groups (Containment) - Deletes the asset group.
  • Delete Site (Containment) - Deletes a site.
  • Get Assets Vulnerability (Enrichment) - Returns the details for a vulnerability of a specific asset.

Change Log

  • January 24, 2020 - First upload
  • February 5, 2021 - Updated actions:
    • Get Assets Vulnerability
    • Post Asset Search
  • July 7, 2023 (v1.1) - Updated the integration with Environmental Variables
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